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15th October. Response to Julie Bindel Article FiLiA Portsmouth

Economical with the truth.

We all make mistakes, sadly me more than most, but when I read Julie Bindel's piece yesterday in The Critic, I must admit I was more than disappointed. 


“I’ve been cancelled!” Screams Kathleen Stock – who then admits she’s transphobic & ‘Cancels’ herself! – You couldn’t write it!

by Co-Editor Paul

‘I’ve been cancelled!’ is the all too familiar cry we hear today from a prominent  academic or celebrity that has received a backlash following their publicly expressing their ‘Gender Critical’ beliefs  – but let’s not dwell too long on the total irony that this cry is being broadcast on every media outlet – some cancelling!  Sound familiar? .......


13th of October. Kathleen Stock and the Women's Declaration

By Murderine Shortstraw

Is it correct to say that Kathleen Stock has called for the elimination of trans people?

In recent days there has been a student-led campaign against the conduct of Kathleen Stock (a professor at Sussex University) in relation to transgender rights and to call for her dismissal.


12th October. Julie Bindel, Nazi's and Cervixes

The gender war seems to get more toxic every day

Am I wrong, but the gender war seems to get more toxic every day? Escalating from the conflation of the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act, we have now reached the point where the gender-critical taunt trans people about biology and, in turn, trans people throw back acquisitions that the gender-crits are all Nazis.


The inflicting of ‘Cancel Culture’ and why in reality, this is actually society addressing its own moral code

by Co-Editor Paul

‘I’ve been cancelled!’ is the all too familiar cry we hear today from a prominent  academic or celebrity that has received a backlash following their publicly expressing their ‘Gender Critical’ beliefs .....  


9th October. Open Letter To FiLiA conference attendees

By Steph

Dear attendees

I am writing this exactly one week from the 2021 FiLiA conference, which is being held in my home city of Portsmouth next Saturday and Sunday.


8th October. GIN's Response to the Guardian

GIN's open letter to censorship

Yesterday saw a significant fight back in the censorship of those who call out the drivers of terfism and gender-critical beliefs. This is in response to those "Christians" who purport the idea that trans people are an "ideology".


7th October. Open Letter to the Guardian UK

Gender Inclusion Network's Open Letter.

The positive reporting of trans rights issues within the national newspapers seems a forlorn hope these days. Led by the anti-trans Times, Spectator and Daily Telegraph, every story appears to be twisted to blame trans and non-binary people. Speaking to a prominent gender-critical person some time back, he proudly boasted, saying, "yeah- we got the newspapers."


7th October. Opinion: Injustice. Human-rights. Inequality.

Trans Rights are Human Rights an opinion from Steph

Injustice. Human rights. Inequality.


6th October. The incredible story of Lisa

How Dr Helen Webberley saved a life

Recently I met a trans woman; for the sake of anonymity, I will call her Lisa and change some locations. Everything else is true.


5th October. Standing Against Transphobia

by Portsmouth Councillor Claire Udy

Today's guest blog is authored by Portsmouth City Councillor Claire Udy and is based on her recent Facebook post.

Claire is one of the thousands of cis allies to whom the trans community are eternally grateful.


1st October. An open letter to the people of Portsmouth

Trans Rights are Human Rights

Dear Portsmouth, Some of us are transgender. We dont choose to be trans - transition is a matter of survival - it is one of the most challenging journeys within humanity.


26th September. Dr Richard Budgett; Sex is a continuum

I have a dream

Last Monday, 20th September, an article appeared in the Guardian US (not, of course, followed by the censoring Guardian UK) that signified an important change in the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) policy regarding future transgender participants.


25th September. Transmisogyny and Conflation.

Gender-critical lies in regard to GRA reform & single-sex spaces

The conflation of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (birth certificate) and the Equality Act 2010 (single-sex spaces) is a tactic to create transmisogyny. There is no excuse for journalists and politicians to fall for this discourse unless they, too, are transphobic.


23rd September. Inspired

That warm feeling.

Every now and again something happens to make all our efforts worthwhile. We go to work, perhaps even have an overall decent day, but if something unpleasant had occurred - that can often be carried into the evening or even into the next day. Only rarely do we go home with a massive smile on our faces.


21st September. Thoughtless.

Who would be a trans rights activist? Am I mad to be here? Why? Abuse. Frankly, whatever I do seems to lead to some sort of problem or other.


19th September. Fly the Flag

Trans events in Portsmouth October 15th to 17th October

On the 16th and 17th of October, Portsmouth Guildhall will be hosting some gender-critical speakers. People have a right to express their views - I am doing precisely that in this blog. We quickly call out censorship, the most recent case being The Guardian, who edited out Judith Butler's text in a comprehensive article in which she attributed gender-critical views to be another form of right-wing neo-nazism


15th September. Opinion - Debate

By Sophie W (Precarious Woman)

For a week in August, Peter Tatchell fell afoul of trans Twitter. A man with a long history of campaigning for LGBT rights since the late 1960s. His transgression? He agreed to a debate with Professor Kathleen Stock, a leading Gender Critical/Terf, on the alleged conflict between trans rights and women’s rights.


Ode to trans - By one trans person, for all trans people

Author - Juliette

A poem written by Juliette that captures the essense of being trans in a transphobic culture


Opinion: Censoring Judith Butler

By Natacha Kennedy

The big story of today is the Guardian's censorship of Prof Judith Butler. It is a story that UK mainstream media will try to smother. So to start with this is the section that the Guardian removed;


The Ignorance of Rosie Duffield

By Julie Miller

She's at it again, competing with JKR for the gender-crit hypocrite of the year award


8th September. Opinion, Judith Butler and her Guardian Article

We Need to Rethink the Category of Woman

Yesterday, the news broke that The Guardian had edited out part of a Judith Butler article because editors did not like what she said. Judith, an American philosopher and gender theorist, is a lesbian and is associated with Yale University.


5th September. The journey.


Malta, the island of sunshine, hot weather, sea breezes and flags - lots of them.


1st September. And then there were five.

A new member joins the editorial team

From a small acorn. It is invariably difficult for us all to envisage that the mighty oak tree grows from a tiny acorn. Standing up to 45 metres in height, the oak represents 'strength' in UK woodlands.


23rd August. So you hear nothing

Where are you Steph?

So you hear nothing. That trans blogger is indeed very silent - where are you, Steph?


The Trans NHS Healthcare Problem.

Guest Blog by Freda Wallace

It’s August 2021, almost one whole year since I first spoke to my GP about my transgender identity and how I want to proceed medically with that. I'd struggled in my own way with this for years, and finally, l knew l had to do something about it.......


August 11th. Another woman dead - where are the gender-crits?

Lets stop VAWG together

I dont know if there is a world record for the shortest blog ever, but today I may be a contender......


How Laurel Hubbard has paved the way in the battle for Trans Rights and to just be treated as normal.

by Co-Editor Paul

On the eve of Laurel Hubbard becoming the first ever Transgender Women to compete at an Olympics Games I wrote that if she somehow managed to defy the odds to win a  Women’s weightlifting Gold, or indeed any colour Medal, she would be crucified by the UK media and on social media....


8th August. Dress however you please.

And we will.

Dress however you please. Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who'll have you. Live your best life in peace and security. So goes the first four lines of 'that' tweet from J.K.Rowling that caused so much fuss back in December 2019.


How a Mixed Gender Olympic Relay proved Male, but not Trans Sporting Advantages

by Co-Editor Paul

I am writing this article on the eve of Laurel Hubbard becoming the first ever Transgender Women to compete in an Olympics Games - a truly historical event. And if she somehow defies all the odds and wins the Women’s weightlifting +87kg Gold she will be crucified by the UK media and on social media .....


29th July. Rosie Duffield

Rosie in the news again.

Controversial MP’s are nothing new. Enoch Powell, Michael Foot, Michael Heseltine, to name just three of many. But perhaps just now, one MP is making the headlines without being at the centre of politics - Rosie Duffield. To some extent, I feel sorry for MP’s and the terf debate......


26th July. Dr Helen Webberley, the GMC - an open letter

We Stand With Dr Helen Webberley

Dear GMC, Do you have a hero? I mean someone you admire - that you personally look up to as the epitome of mankind?

I must admit I have two heroes. Alan Turing - who else? That gay guy who is now credited to have saved tens of thousands of lives because of his genius - but at the time was ridiculed, hounded from his job and subsequently committed suicide. And my other hero? Well, she stands before you today.......



In Search of Sporting Glory

by Co-Editor Paul

As we celebrate the start of another Olympic Games, currently available on the BBC iPlayer you can enjoy watching ‘Gold Rush: Our Race to Olympic Glory’ – this three part ‘sporting revelation’ documentary plots the incredible quest for British Olympic Medal Glory culminating in the 2012 London Olympics....


20th July. Not in my name

Twitter needs to tighten up.

A couple of days ago, a good trans woman friend of mine who is on Twitter and who never says anything about the "gender war" or indeed never tweets anything controversial received a threat that shook her to the core.


July 17th. Looking at the stats.

The Trans Voices Survey 2021

Without question, one of the biggest problems in life is getting information and news out to society. The media outlets have their own agendas on what to print or say. Regarding trans affairs, we know that The Times, Spectator, Telegraph and to a lesser degree, the Daily Mail & Guardian will invariably print anti-trans stories.


13th July. Letter to trans widows

The phrase trans widow is offensive to real widows.

Dear "trans widows", You have made a lot of noise, yes on Twitter, in the Daily Telegraph and elsewhere in the media. You even got an invite to give evidence to the Womens and Equalities Select Committee about (shock horror) your hubby becoming trans. I noticed none of .............


9th July. Many of us have daughters

I respect single-sex spaces.

One thing that gender crits seem to forget is that many trans women have daughters - not all of us for sure, but certainly a good many. In my case, I am greedy; one way or another, I have four!...........


July 6th. The Chester Women's Aid pile on.

Chester Women Aid was piled on for supporting trans women.

Three days ago, July 3rd, Chester Women's Aid made a statement supporting trans women - only to then be on the receiving end of yet another Gender Critical pile - on. Much of the GC comment revolved around the fact that trans women are not murdered at the same rate as those privileged to be natal females............


July 2nd. Making trans allies

Best of all, there is nothing any of our opponents can do about it.

Precisely two years ago today, 2nd of July 2019, I had my 'Orchie' - my maleness mutilated by the surgeon's knife. It remains the best day of my life. My story on this website describes the day, saying:.......


July 1st. Testosterone deprivation in post-op trans women.

The warning signs that testosterone levels must be checked.


“Why should a Cisgender Women lose her place in the Olympic team to a Transgender Women?”

by Co-Editor Paul

“Why should a Cisgender Women lose her place in the Olympic team to a Transgender Women?” - This is now the all too familiar ‘Critical Gender’ war-cry we hear anytime there is mention of the inclusion of Laurel Hubbard in the New Zealand Olympics team, and for me there are two reasons why this statement is now becoming more widely used in the campaign against Laurel ........


29th June. The true definition of transphobia

Google and Oxford Languages are the most credible source.

Phobia. It is a word that is often misinterpreted, yes used on its own, it means an 'irrational fear of or aversion' - but I am talking 'Transphobia'. Note that it is all one word, no hyphen, not two separate words, just one word. So what is the true definition of Transphobia?


27th June. There are people much worse off than us.

A man with conviction


Well, it certainly throws up some surprises sometimes. For sure, as a trans rights activist and indeed for the gender-critical ones, it is invariably a roundabout of the same regurgitated rhetoric and .................


24th June. Cancer and frozen lemons.

You will quite naturally try anything

Six years ago today, I was at the bedside of my wife, hoping beyond hope that she would pull through major surgery called a Whipple's Procedure. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a few weeks earlier and was told that this surgery, plus chemotherapy, was her only chance.


Laurel Hubbard – History will remember you

by Co-Editor Paul

This week has seen two historical LGBT firsts in Sport, but both are receiving completely opposing reactions. Today it was announced in America that Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib has become the first active NFL player to come out as gay. The vast majority of the reaction has been incredibly supportive and quite rightly full of praise .....


22nd June. Laurel Hubbard and the Olympics

Trans people and our participation in sport:

So in this quick blog piece, I am writing about the basics. I am not writing to point out how unfair sport has been to trans people in the past. I am not even making a massive point about there has not been a single trans athlete in the last EIGHT Olympics.............


'No debate' still being debated

by Co-Editor Paul

Following the Maya Forstater appeal and the ruling delivered by Judge Justice Choudhury, plus the subsequent clarification from the Equalities and Human Rights Committee Chair Baroness Falkner at the recent Women and Equalities Committee meeting, it has been legally established that the law protects the freedom of belief, but it does not permit discrimination......


Who has the right to be right?

Opinion by Co-Editor Paul

Following on from the ruling regarding the Maya Forstater appeal, the vitriolic Gender Critical flag-waving was abruptly halted in its tracks and swiftly replaced by a quite staggering complete loss of a grip on reality!  Having expected to bathe in a wave of glory, she read through all the media reporting of her ‘victory’ and was clearly devastated to find they had all quoted the same Judge’s comment, prompting her to tweet as follows:


11th June. Nazi's and Antisemitism

Explaining the name calling

About one year ago, I became a trans rights activist, then aged 68, I guess it is very fair to say I was very late to the party, but things happen for a reason. Three people inspired me. My very closest friend Laura is an LGBT+ ally. No, I lie; she is more than an ally and friend. She is my "adopted daughter" and just about the most inspirational human being I have ever met......



The Maya Forstater Appeal … still not worthy of respect in a democratic Society

by Co-Editor Paul

And so today we received the ruling to the appeal by Maya Forstater, which to be honest, surprised no one following the intervention of the EHRC.

So below we have set out for you ALL the key points taken from the todays ruling .......


8th June. Gender Crits Are Confused

Just stating a few facts

Between Claire, Paul (Co-Editors of this website) and to a lesser extent myself, we had a bit of a "pile on" yesterday & this will probably continue today - so this short explanatory statement is for those currently attacking us.


5th June. Karen White Was Not Transgender

Stephen Woods aka Karen White used a false persona

It is funny how we all remember some conversations - "Oh, he was terrible", said a very high profile, gender-critical person to me once. She was referring to Stephen Wood, also known as David Thompson and more infamously as one Karen White.


May 31st. Sex is Immutable - Part Two.

The fundamentals of changing sex.

Sex is immutable - part 2 Yesterday Steph blogged about sex being immutable, a few people were not so happy with what she blogged. Others laughed - that is what she intended a light-hearted piece.......




May 30th. Sex is Immutable

A short, flippant, light hearted blog

Sex is immutable is a regular cry from the gender crits. You cant change sex! Well, legally, we can - the Gender Recognition Act tells us precisely that. This somewhat annoys the gender crits (actually, I suspect they are seething), but facts are facts, and come to that, my driving licence certainly..............


May 27th. That poll, Liz Truss MP, Fiona Bruce MP & the ADF

Steph's Place Reveals MP's links with the ADF

On Tuesday, Liz Truss gave evidence to the Woman and Equalities Committee in what can only be described as a 'fidgety' performance. No doubt nervous of the evidence given the previous week, which heavily criticised her, she looked from the very start as she wanted to go to the loo!


May 26th. Liz Truss's evidence to the Woman and Equalities Committee

Finally Liz Truss comes before the W & EC at UK Parliament

Yesterday Liz Truss gave evidence to the Women’s and Equalities Committee ......


May 25th. Trans women and the Military.

Trans women do try and 'man up'

Very recently, I asked the trans community this question via a Twitter poll: Before you admitted to yourself you were trans - did you try and "man -up." 81 people replied, and the options and results were as follows.......


24th May. The Intercom Trust - Gender Identity Healthcare in the South West

Write to your MP draft letter

If you live in the South West of England and are waiting for an appointment at The Laurels or wish to complain to your MP in general about trans/GNC healthcare, we have put together a draft letter for you which can then be simply emailed to them via the "Write To Them" website....


May 22nd. Ash Sarkar and her toilet tweet

You have gender neutral toilets in your home

On May the 17th, Ash Sarkar, probably my favourite journalist, got involved in the toilet debate, tweeting, "YOU HAVE A GENDER NEUTRAL TOILET IN YOUR HOUSE."


May 15th. It has been a funny old week.

Bullying and the gender-critical

It's been a funny old week: so many ups - so many downs. My tweet of the week read:  "Why are some people on this earth so cruel? Why do some people hate? Just why? "...............


14th May. Trouble at Mill

UK Equality Ministers criticised by Women and Equalities Committee for avoiding scrutiny


by Co-Editor Claire

There’s a pretty famous old sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus known as “Trouble at Mill” or “The Spanish Inquisition”.

 In it, a mill worker in Yorkshire enters a lavish room and tries to explain (in an almost unintelligible Yorkshire accent) what the “trouble at mill” is to a clueless and largely uninterested owner’s wife, only to be interrupted and completely derailed by The Spanish Inquisition. 


6th May. The Fawcett Society and trans folk.

Why I joined the best feminist organisation in the UK

I have always been a feminist. I have always admired - no loved - women. From a very early age, I always knew that my gender - my personal belief to my rightful sex was a woman.


3rd May. The David Bell Article

The Tavi whistleblower and Rachel Cooke's report

Yesterday saw an article from Rachel Cooke centred on David Bell, formerly of Tavistock and Portman NHS. David Bell was the "whistleblower" who informed all & sundry that "Tavi", as we tend to call it, was not fit for purpose.


11th April. Tory Spin and the Silent Challenge to the Equality Act.

Just why is the cost of a GRC coming down.

In the past few days, it has been leaked that the government intends to reduce the cost to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate from £140 down to under £10. The question is why?


10th April. The true definition of gender dysphoria

The transgender definition of gender dysphoria

Sex, not gender - it rolls off the tongue quite easily, dont it? Somehow it dont work so well the other way round - gender, not sex.


10th March. What a bloody awful mess.

So yes, Fair Play for Women and Woman's Place UK - things are personal.

What a mess. What a bloody awful mess. The 2021 Census - what a bloody awful mess.


11th March, Proud to be Counted

Sharing my email from LGBT Labour


A quick blog today. I just want to share an email from LGBT Labour that I received. 


12th March. Trans, sex offenders and prisons.

Why the stats don't tell the real story.

I have two passions in life. One is singing, and under my singing teacher's supervision, on Wednesday, I recorded "I Dreamed a Dream" for an online singing festival. Sadly............


13th April. Under Attack.

Be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.

Under Attack. Any LGBT+ person or true feminist activist interested in protecting the rights of trans and gay people together with the rights of abortion must surely be starting to become aware that those rights are under attack in the UK.


11th January. Guest Blog by What The Trans

A call to arms from my guest blogger

I believe that we have the means today to improve transgender and non-binary people’s lives within our community. I think we have the power to meet our attackers and beat them.


13th February. Where have I been?

Seven weeks of research, finding contacts, seeking answers results in a comprehensive sports article.

So if you thought I had disappeared from the face of the earth - you would be wrong - I have been working - honest!

I was working on probably my most comprehensive and challenging article yet - trans people in sport. From a zero-knowledge base, I have researched and read. Found people and talked to them and started on occasions at 4:00 AM.......


14th March. Time to go

Why Patel, Dick, Truss and Badenoch must resign.

So yesterday I called for the resignation of four women. I want them all replaced with the women who have one gift that women usually express in abundance - empathy.


16th January. Struggling to carry the hoover.

Yet again my twitter followers write my blog.

Yay! Another easy blog today. I love Twitter and all my followers because they are starting to write my blog for me!  I have noticed over time how much weaker I have become. I really struggle to take the rubbish out, cant plank...... 


15th January. Trans Ideology and feminism

Twitter, terfs, trans ideology and feminists.

It was Sunday, and I had just made a public comment on Twitter to a follower about an infamous gender-critical (terf) woman obsessed with attacking transgender people. She likes to refer to the phrase transgender ideology.......


17th February. Smeared.

The gender-critical and their campaign to twist statistics.

Twitter is renowned as a chamber of hate, and for sure, some people can only take the self-imposed stress for short periods. Many good folks, with the best of intentions, are driven from it altogether - more recently Munroe Bergdorf.  


17th March. Men.

Why do men hurt and sometimes kill

So it's been a few days since I blogged. To be honest, I couldn't. The anger - no outrage of the murder of another woman in genuinely horrible circumstances repulses me.


19th March. Time to re-evaluate

The problem is not trans women - it is men

It's been a tough week or so, the murder of Sarah Everard and the response from the met police taking centre stage. Just for once, the gender-critical and trans spoke with one voice. Women must be protected


1st February. Labour Trans Equality. Definition of Transphobia

A discussion about what is defined as transphobia in the Labour Party

I am proud to be a member of the Labour Party but am very aware of issues of transphobia in the party. The new group Labour Trans Equality has issued a consultation document defining transphobia in the Labour Party. So my blog today is really easy. To ensure as many members see it as possible I am happy to platform it today.  


20th April. At what age did you start to notice gender dysphoria?

The results of my Twitter poll

I wanted to know at what age people started to experience gender dysphoria so activated a Twitter poll. Here are the results:


1st March. Social Health and Empowerment Youth initiative Uganda

Being a trans rights activist isn't exactly straightforward.

Being a trans rights activist isn't exactly straightforward. Being a trans rights activist and a writer is more challenging still. Morally I have to write what I see as accurate and defend, which often puts me at odds with other peoples views.............


1st February. Three Transgender Inequalities in the UK

What are the three main issues that trans folk are disadvantaged

I was recently asked by a cis person (someone who is not transgender), what I classified as the three most important trans inequalities? So I thought it might be a good subject for my blog today.


20th February. Labour Trans Equality Zoom Meeting

The new group to combat transphobia within the Labour party

Just three weeks ago came the announcement that some trans folk within the Labour Party had formed a new group to combat transphobia within the party and drive forward the trans cause in general. Named 'Labour Trans Equality' (LTE), the sponsors - all established names within Labour politics


22nd of April: Fair Play for Women and their Misleading Evidence

Please write to your MP

Yesterday 21st of April 2021, we witnessed evidence being given to the Women and Equalities Select Committee in regard to GRA reform by three organisations considered by many as hate groups of trans people


23rd January. Countering the slur trans ideology.

My biggest article yet.

Okay - so my blog has been a bit quiet for the last week. Sorry - but I have been so busy - honest! I have evaluated how best I can help the trans cause.....


24th January. An open letter to Suzanne Moore.

More unites us than divides us.

Dear Suzanne,  Yesterday I called you out by way of a tweet. Unlike many 'blue tick' people, you had the courtesy to respond......


24th March. Fairness and Trans in Sport

My article for a third party

My Trans and Sports article continues to draw lots of page hits, and more recently, I was asked to do a piece for a trans organisation. So after a Zoom with some members, the article was duly written but what struck me was how fair they wanted to be. They had a policy ....


25th February. Blocked

Some men are just so stupid.

I rarely block anyone on Twitter. Debbie Hayton is undoubtedly one, but he/they/she is the only person I can recall by name. But a few days ago, something happened that saw me foaming at the mouth in anger. I


25th January. An Interesting Sunday

The Sunday Times, The Equality Act & DSD

Anyone following my blog will know that I dont do it every day and only rarely blog on two subjects in one blog. But records are made to be broken, and today, amazingly I am writing briefly on three issues that reared up yesterday - "Interesting Sunday".


26th March. Debbie Hayton, Not in Our Name.

Debbie Hayton do not speak for the everyday trans person.

Debbie Hayton is no stranger to controversy, and of late, her articles have appeared to be become more regular, especially in the right-wing press. The Spectator for one, together with The Times, National Review, and many other magazines or newspapers........


27th April. Why We Need More First-hand Accounts of Gender Transition

Guest Blog by Finlay Games

It took me until the age of 37 to discover I was transgender and begin living as the man I realized I had always been. It wasn’t that l didn’t know that there was something different about me, I just didn’t have the words to explain what that something different was.


28th February. Rise UK and lost funding.

Rise Domestic Abuse Charity Brighton loses funding because of exclusion.

I am repelled by domestic violence. When two people say they will love each other in sickness and health or live together, it obviously does not give one partner a licence to beat the shit out of the other.


27th January. Labour Trans Equality and the Future

Meat on the bones.

Any trans person who has lived through the last four years or so must like me have wondered what is going on. Suddenly everything 'kicked off.' We can look back and pinpoint when it all started - when Self-id was mooted as the answer to GRA reform. New anti-trans organisations emerged like Woman's Place UK (WPUK), Fair Play for Women and more recently, Labour Women's Declaration (LWD).......


2nd January. Times Changes Opinions

In a century what will people think of Raymond, Truss & JKR

Time changes opinions. In 1895 about 180 years after his death, a statue to Edward Colson was erected in Bristol. He was a massive benefactor to the city of his birth, founding almshouses, donating money to schools, churches and hospitals.


28th January. The Definition of Transphobia

Many gender critical people say they are not transphobic but do not know what the word means.

I have just been going through some of the responses to the Women & Equalities Committee Call for evidence concerning the Gender Recognition Act reform. As we can all anticipate, they fall into two distinct camps. You can see them by clicking ........


29th April. It Was All About A Teabag

Why I was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours.

Yep - it is true; I was suspended for twelve hours from Twitter because of a teabag.


2nd March. Others Call Out Trans Ideology and Gender Ideology Bigots

Steph and I, have followed the slanging match between Sally Hines and Jane Clare Jones

As many followers are aware one of my passionate "hates" is the term 'trans ideology' also known as 'gender ideology.'  It is a phrase that was invented by the Catholic church and taken on board by transphobes (such as Ryan T Anderson) , the right-wing press and some alleged 


3rd January. Singing for Trans Kids and Raising Awareness.

Molly Mulready and the Trans Voices Festival

One of my passions in life is music and singing. I sang as a child in a choir but accidentally fell back in love with it after working with a voice coach feminising my voice.


31st March. International Transgender Day of Visibility.

My video and Anne's Quiz

Heck - it is International Transgender Day of Visibility - it is 04:36 in the morning, and I am blogging. I decided I had to do something a bit special for today, but time is always tight, and in just two days, my most extensive article ever gets published. It involves the thorny subject of Trans people and Crime,


3rd March. Looking in the mirror

From time to time, we all look in the mirror.

From time to time, we all look in the mirror. We look at ourselves and say, "what have I done wrong - what should I change." Usually, it is after some significant event, some crisis in our lives. But, now and again, it can be just small things that pull us up with a jolt.


4th February. Guest Blog from Trans Ally Paul Levene

Trans & Women's Rights

If we still push for a GRA reform that is more humane & compassionate for trans, in exactly what way would this impact on women’s rights?


4th March. Women's History Month blog - Sarah Emily Davies Southampton

We know the names Emiline Pankhurst, Emily Davison and Millicent Fawcett but who was Sarah Davies?

Southampton is perhaps one of the most famous cities in the UK. These days, it is one of the country's largest ports, and until the covid pandemic hit, was one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the world. Carlton Cresent is perhaps one of its "poshest" historical streets, and these days the buildings are frequented by mainly expensive solicitors and up-market property companies.


5th April. The crazy truth about GRA reform

I can live, but can not die.

Last night I was in conversation on Twitter with two of my closest Twitter followers - both lovely women who I have talked to on the phone, neither transgender. We were discussing if sex should be recorded on a birth certificate. 


5th April. The Story Behind The Story.

The story that broke Karen White was not trans.

Well. My "Trans and Crime" story was published on Friday at 9:30 am, and what a response! I say "my," but that is not really true. The article was very much a team effort that started some four months ago with a "tip-off" from a gender-crit (called "X" from here on) that what Stephen Wood, aka Karen White.......


5th January. What makes a Gender Critical Tick

What makes people hate other people?

I am still trying to get my head around what makes the Gender-Critical (GC) tick. They really do not make much sense. They claim there is a “trans ideology”, but we are real people we are not an ideology.........


5th March. Speaking to trans kids & their parents.

I had never done support work before - well, not on this scale anyway.

Together with Paul, a parent of a young trans woman, I recently got an invite from an LGBT+ group based in Kirklees in West Yorkshire to meet with the trans kids in their group together with their parents.


6th March. The right to wear trousers

Men always have oppressed women.

Men always have oppressed women. In November of last year, a video circulated of a Chinese man apparently beating his wife to death in the street whilst passers-by just walked by......


7th January. Paranoia and the Gender-Critical

Some gender-critical people are paranoid about trans folk.

So it was Wednesday morning I think (blur), and I was in a debate on Twitter with a lady from shall I say "the other side". It was over puberty blockers (PB's), and whilst she was polite........


8th March. International Women's Day 2021

The theme of the 2021 campaign is Choose to Challenge

As a trans woman, I am delighted to celebrate International Women's Day with everyone today. The theme of the 2021 campaign is Choose to Challenge, and as a trans woman, I challenge and get challenged more than most.


January 1st. What is Trans Ideology?

The gender critical often use the term 'trans ideology' but no one knows what this means.

When I read the term 'trans ideology' I become somewhat confused. I certainly understand 'trans' for I am a rather old trans woman and I know about ideologies too for I have seen at first hand the remnants of communism and nazi ones. 


January 26th. Labour Trans Equality

A new organisation to promote equality in the Labour Party.

There was a time when I was a Tory - defender of Margaret Thatcher and a Tory party member.  I quit over one issue. The Tories brought in Sunday trading, and I felt that it was very wrong. It was not because of the religious connotations .....



Kirsti Miller: “The tide has turned people”

by Co-Editor Paul

Kirsti Miller: “The tide has turned people”

Given what we are currently witnessing in America with bill after bill attempting to remove transgender rights from sport, this is maybe a bold statement to make, but if anyone knows, Kirsti knows!.......


Will it ever be ‘Safe to be me’ living in fear of anti-Semitism or Transphobia?

by Co-Editor Paul

So now Stonewall are under attack. And the main reason is because of their refusal to throw the trans community under the Gender Critical steam train. The reason for the latest controversy follows a BBC interview with Stonewall head Nancy Kelley ......




Love and let live