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1st September. And then there were five.

A new member joins the editorial team

From a small acorn.

It is invariably difficult for us to envisage that the mighty oak tree grows from a tiny acorn. Standing up to 45 metres in height, the oak represents 'strength' in UK woodlands.

Much the same could be said about this website - we are growing. Yes, there was me at first, but our editorial team has also grown as we developed.

Our list of guest writers has grown significantly as well - even to include the odd gender crit. Never say we dont try to be fair!

But ultimately, we are a website trying to promote trans acceptance in society - an online magazine with reports and articles for trans folk, not to forget our phenomenal allies.  

And then of course there are those investigative articles, putting a new perspective on what is happening behind the scenes.

The truth. 

Sometimes we publish what we find out on this website, sometimes we feed that information to others better placed than ourselves. Via Twitter, we are followed by hundreds of stakeholders including very well known journalists and those who sit in our government. 

To continue our growth, we need more quality content and an editorial team that continues our development.

So there is news!

Today I am delighted to confirm Nicola Rose is joining Claire, Julie, Paul and myself as co-editors of Stephs Place. Nicola is a seasoned professional within her everyday work, and we can only marvel at her expertise in writing up the events in the GMC v Dr Helen case.

Welcome aboard, Nicola and thank you for joining us!


Authored by Steph  @PlaceSteph

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