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August 11th. Another woman dead - where are the gender-crits?

Lets stop VAWG together

I dont know if there is a world record for the shortest blog ever, but today I may be a contender.

Just four days ago I was writing up the remembrance of Jan Bennett in our #EveryThreeDay campaign. The horrible fact is that every three days a woman is killed by a man, invariably by someone she knows - and quite frankly it is sickening because not only was Jan raped and killed - the predator then attempted to burn her body. 

I find this all utterly disgusting. 

Jan was not the only woman to suffer this fate - I have written about it several times before including the murder of Louise Smith, who lived just a few minutes from me. Louise was just 16 years old.

Then last night ANOTHER story of a woman being murdered and her body being burnt emerged from the BBC.  

Okay, we don't know for sure a man did this yet but seriously?

It is inconceivable to us all that a woman would do such a thing -we just accept that the predator will be a man. 

So I tweeted about it and received just the perfect reply from Ian J Brown a trans ally. The tweet read: 

I've regular questioned why 'trans' people are the focus of 'infringing' on women's rights when it is men carrying out the murders, rapes domestic and sexual abuse. Better education and challenging of abusive behaviour needed.

To right Ian!

Gender critical journalists and organisations, like Fair Play for Women, seem to spend one hell of a lot of time wanting to slag off trans folk, even though it has proved very few trans people commit any crime - in fact in our investigation cis people commit 5-6 times more crime than trans folk.  

The words of the gender-critical people seem to get lots of publicity - what a dam shame we don't ALL start to put our energy into protecting women from the real danger.


Authored by Steph @PlaceSteph

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