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30th May - Approved - the procedure I went through to get my GRC

by Vicky Hodges

Well it took about 6-Months, but, my GRC application has actually been approved. I’m still in shock as I’d adjusted my expectations of a positive outcome all the way down to zero, so as not to be disappointed, but hey it all worked out positively.

My application was relatively straightforward, no complications due to spousal vetoes or anything unusual, just a regular application using the “Standard Route” process.

All the following requirements applied:

18 or over.

Diagnosed with gender incongruence.
Lived in your acquired gender for at least 2 years.
Intend to live in your acquired gender for the rest of your life.

The application form itself is quite straightforward, but the real “fun” is reserved for a couple of things; Medical Reports and Evidence Documents (evidence of living in the acquired gender for at least 2 years)… whatever that means…!

Without going into all the gritty details (see process guides), you need to provide two medical reports (A & B). As long as these are both completed by the GIC Specialist and your GP, and both Doctors are listed on the “List of Specialists (T493)”, there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not important if the report isn’t provided on the official (T452) form as long as all the information has been included in the report.

The hard part with Medical Reports is getting to the step in the medical transition process where you can actually get these reports written. This typically means you need to have had both your 1st and 2nd appointments with a GIC. This makes a mockery of the “Lived in your acquired gender for at least 2-years” requirement because it takes approximately 4 or 5 years to even get seen by a GIC (times are quicker with the newer pilot scheme Gender Clinics).

I was able to get my medical reports done about 3-years into my transition and collected the “Evidence Documents” along the way. I basically just kept everything and made notes of important dates to document everything, knowing at some stage I’d be able to use them for my GRC application. The big unknown with evidence documents is deciding what to include, how many are needed and do they qualify.

Here’s my list of evidence documents (all in acquired gender) that I sent with my application (some are mandated by the process, others are additional evidence). What you’re trying to do here is show a broad selection of different documents that span the period of transition start date to GRC application date. So not everything will be more than 2-years old, but you can demonstrate that you have consistently lived in your acquired gender for at least 2 years or more (otherwise known as the “lived experience test”, I kid you not).

Driving Licence
Medical Reports A & B (T452)
Statutory Declaration (T467)
Payslips (various)
Divorce Certificate (if applicable)
Deed Poll
Household accounts (various)
Education Certificates (various)
Financial A/C Statements (various)
Electoral Register
Car Insurance
Council Tax
Birth Certificate

It’s a bit tricky in places to figure it all out, but the guides are quite useful. Read them carefully and follow all the instructions. Anyway, good luck if you’re submitting an application, maybe one day soon a better UK Government will come along and make this whole process less bureaucratic, less invasive and as easy as a Passport application.

Words by Vicky Hodges

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