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May 22nd. Ash Sarkar and her toilet tweet

You have gender neutral toilets in your home

On May the 17th, Ash Sarkar, one of my favourite journalists, got involved in the toilet debate, tweeting, "YOU HAVE A GENDER NEUTRAL TOILET IN YOUR HOUSE."

The reply was near immediate from a gender crit saying - BUT WE KNOW EVERYONE AT HOME!

Now I dont like quoting from the Femicide census because they are trans-exclusionary.

Disgustingly so, in my opinion.

Femicide refuses to record the murder of trans women. I know of seven in the last ten years or so - but these souls do not count according to the Femicide organiser - but I digress.

In 2020 Femicide said that 147 men killed 149 women. In a statistical format, they bullet point this fact:

Only 6% of femicides (9 victims) were committed by a stranger or where there was no known relationship between the victim and the perpetrator; 3 women were killed in the context of robberies/burglaries.

From this one statement, we can draw two conclusions. Firstly 94% of all women are murdered by a man the victim knows. Secondly, add in the robberies and burglaries where a woman is killed, and that figure reaches 95%. Two of the victims were murdered in the context of prostitution - it is unclear whether the women knew the men who killed them - but you can see where I am going with this.

Women are invariably attacked by men they know.

This fact has been hammered home to me during our own #EveryThreeDays campaign (which includes trans women murdered by men). I am yet to write a story of remembrance that involves a stranger being the perpetrator. Indeed I can go further - attackers are very often partners or ex-partners.

And none of the murders I write about is committed in public toilets - indeed, using a Google search, I could only find a handful of 'toilet attacks' in the last ten years.

In fact, toilets are far safer than being out and about -  around 470 pedestrians are killed every year, many walking on pavements, and close to 22,000 injured. 

Whilst researching, though, I did find one issue in the ladies toilet that is causing concern - butch lesbians and women with alopecia being abused by women when using the ladies loo!

Women attacking women!

So where do trans women stand (forgive the pun, I squat) on the toilet debate, given that evidence at the Women & EqualitiesCommittiee stated that Liz Truss is obsessed with toilets and assumably trans women using the Ladies?

Well, there are certainly no recorded events of a bona fide trans woman attacking a woman in a UK loo.

Yes, occasional attacks happen in the loo, the perpetrators being men or women, but they are exceedingly rare, in percentage terms - minuscule compared to the chances of being killed or injured as a pedestrian. 

So why are Liz Truss and the GC talking about toilets?

The real danger is from men in your OWN HOME.

And that gender crit that shouted back to Ash Sarkar?

If you have a man in your life, dear. 

Watch your back!

Authored by Steph Twitter @PlaceSteph


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