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25th February. Blocked

Some men are just so stupid.


I rarely block anyone on Twitter. Debbie Hayton is undoubtedly one, but he/they/she is the only person I can recall by name.

But a few days ago, something happened that saw me foaming at the mouth in anger. I was in mild discussion with a gender-crit then; as is often the case, another gender-crit joined in. Fine thought I, two GC and one trans - the odds are about right. But then I looked at his (yes, the GC was a man), timeline and his pinned tweet repulsed me to the extreme.

The tweet suggested that men should invite trans women to pee in a urinal along-side them in the Gents, "no questions asked."

I was taken aback.


Can you imagine those trans women who had not yet had surgery walking into the Gents, pulling up their dress, dropping their tights and knickers in front of men - all for the sake of a pee?

Can you imagine the looks, the embarrassment, the huge risk of abuse, both verbal and physical?

Just what planet is he on?

And why?

When a trans woman goes into the Ladies loo, what happens?

They and other occupants have a pee! On occasion, after washing our hands, we may fix our makeup, but that's it we leave as quickly as we came in.

So do other women.

And yes, just now and again we see a man in the Ladies, we dont panic and scream "Oh my God, there is a man" - we ignore him.

He is the cleaner!

So whatever your name is who I blocked on Twitter without further ado, you now know why I blocked you.

And dont apply for any toilet cleaning jobs because if you were successful, I fear you might be just stupid enough to clean the Gents and not the Ladies.

And knowing the state that the Ladies can get into sometimes - no, sadly some women do not even flush the loo after they have been, I would rather see a male cleaner than a blocked toilet!

Blocked being the appropriate word on Twitter!

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