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30th December. Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

Percentages are manipulated to be high - but the numbers tell a different story.

Stats often stated by the Gender Critical  suggest that there has been a massive increase in young people (particularly girls) developing "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria." (ROGD) This has resulted in the gender crits suggesting trans people......


29th December. Natalie from Holland.

The story of Natalie who has made a new life in the UK

One of the great bonuses I have experienced from Twitter is the amazing people I have found (and often become friends with) from all over the world. Their stories vary from the horrific physical attacks in Uganda....


28th December. Beth Elliott, Lesbians & Feminism

Beth gave so much to the LGBT+ cause and in particular to lesbians & trans people.

Beth Elliott, Julia Serano and Amber Rose Washington all share four characteristics. All are American, passionate about music, (either performing or writing), all are authors, and all are trans women. 


21st December. Margaret the Terf

Twitter and the war.

This blog has changed significantly from what I originally posted. The original blog concerned two GC people that I named for anonymity reasons Laura and Margaret - who was the central character of the post......


18th December. WPATH Response to Bell v Tavistock

WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) statement in regard to the Bell v Tavistock case.

WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) has issued a statement in regard to the Bell v Tavistock case. It is not easy to find online so I have copied it for today's blog in the hope it will give some clarity to the debate.


17th December. Hypocrites.

Gender crits and kids.

I went back to Twitter after a short break on Monday only to get embroiled in a "debate" with gender crits, terfs and others about puberty blockers. Overall, I hold fairly neutral views about them.......


13th Dec. Reporting from a War Zone

Because I write for other websites I am obliged to report a balanced view.

I never fancied being a press war correspondent. Bullets and shells whistling around my head is not something I would choose, to be honest. I am not that brave. But sometimes reporting on the gender war (also known as the terf war) it sometimes feels like I am in a war zone.......


6th December. LGBT + in Uganda

LGBT+ people experience the most appalling atrocities

Yesterday, I was contacted by an organisation in Uganda - a country where LGBT+ people experience the most appalling atrocities......


4th December. Becoming a listener

Getting support for improved trans healthcare.

In March of 2019, I was outside a supermarket with many other Labour Party members supporting a candidate in the local elections. I did not know any of them for I was registered at a different CLP


24th November. The Diet Continues - and I am Struggling.

slow progress, but progress.

It's 05:14, and I am awake.

I have had another great night's sleep. Six hours is 'par for the course' for me - with no interruptions for needing a 'wee in the night' - thanks to my genital surgery, HRT and in consequence a shrunken prostate. I am warm in bed.......


23rd November. We Are Fair Cop - Say Yes To Hate

We Are Fair Cop are known for accommodating writers who are anti-trans.

We Are Fair Cop are known for accommodating writers who are "anti-trans."


21st November. The Third Sex and an Answer to the Gender Wars.

Other civilisations have recognised a third sex for centuries - it would help in the UK too.

I was never a fan of Self-ID. The Labour Party accepts it within the party - often with the slogan ', Trans Women are Women', something else I am not entirely comfortable with.


17th November. The Drop a Dress Size Challenge.

Update on the diet.

I blogged on the 4th of November about the drop a dress size challenge. Now just over two and a half weeks in from when I started I thought I should do a quick update. 


16th November. J K Rowling's original tweet compared to Liz Truss and GRA Reform

Was J K Rowling's tweet transphobic. Perhaps it is time we looked again?

Society often looks back on history and changes their mind about what is right. Go back a century and a quarter and Bristolians were erecting a statue to Edward Colston who was a great benefactor to the city.


12th November. Gender Critical Women's Groups

Just how strong are the gender critical groups who allege they represent women in society.

Every year YouGov publish a report on the attitudes of the British public to transgendered people. It asks very straight questions such as:


11th November. Why?

And for me peace. I now know why I am trans for sure.

Why? It is the question, so many trans people ask themselves. Why me? In reality, we all wanted to be cis.  Rejected, hated.....


4th November. The Weight Loss Challenge.

Drop a dress size together.

I went on to Twitter to "fuel" my website. I have always been rather against social media as Jen (my wife) is addicted to Facebook and being a very nervous person, I am of the opinion it does her no favours.


1st November. You cant see your God - but experts can see our gender.

Gender is real.

You can't see God - but there are plenty of believers. In fact, there are plenty of religions, an estimated 4300 with billions of believers. About 70% of them are Buddhists.........


30th November: New Brain required

Apology to Juno Roche

Opps - new brain required.


28th October. Cancer, trans and feminism.

Feminism will one day, be a family again.

I was first introduced to cancer as a young teenager. I guess I was about fourteen when my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. 


24th October. Pink is for Girls - Think Again.

Colour stereotyping is wrong.

One of my most treasured family possessions is a black and white photograph of my grandfather taken in 1899. He was six years of age, sat quite upright on a stool wearing a white smock dress with lace cuffs and collar. His beautiful long, blonde straight hair is almost to his waist.


16th October. The Labour Party Are Failing Trans People

An open goal - but Keir Starmer & Marsha de Cordova stays silent.

How time flies. I did not realise I had not blogged for such a long time - but I have been busy writing my first article for The Left Room Online. I don't want to copy my full article here but........


4th October. Trans Crime and Punishment

My community are portrayed as predators & rapists. The truth is we are victims.

 Throw enough mud, and it sticks. And that has been precisely the strategy of the terfs in the "Gender Wars." One of the most common allegations is that trans people (and trans women, in particular) are rapists, predators and abusers.......


3rd October. Petra De Sutter, Trans Woman, Deputy Prime Minister in Belgium.

Meanwhile in the UK people discuss where I can pee.

Oddly, I find myself doing two blogs in one day, but I can not hide my excitement in seeing that Belgium's new Deputy Prime Minister is a trans woman........


3rd October. Trans Allies and the Labour Party.

Labour are not working for trans people just now.

Trans allies are important - critically important. It is only by having a robust cis ally base that the trans cause can truly gather acceptance of trans people in society.


30th September. A Woman's Right to Choose - Except of Course Trans Women

Trans folks do not have the same rights as cis people.

"A woman's right to choose". The pro-abortion slogan that I and many others of my generation remember so well. It was a hot topic in the UK at the time. And still is, in many Catholic countries across the globe....


24th September. Why self-ID will come quicker than some would like.

Tories make a mess of GRA reform.

On Tuesday, Liz Truss released details of the public consultation relating to the GRA. By not proposing significant change, the government has laid the foundations for self-ID


22nd September. No regrets about publishing a terf article.

My reply to Sarah Phillimore

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. I published an article on my website written by a "terf". On Twitter, I did lose followers and one in particular who I was very fond of who messaged me and said: "they were not friends with me any more".


12th September. Trans women are women - says the slogan.

In gender terms I don't doubt even bearded woman are trans, but

Trans women are women says the slogan. But we are not. In gender terms, I dont doubt that trans women - even "bearded women" are women. But as my adversary Sarah Phillimore often says "sex is immutable" and I can't argue with that.


2nd September: Trans Rights Are Human Rights - What Is Wrong With The GRA

We dont seek extra rights. We seek fundamental rights.

Every now and again people come up and say why trans people should have "extra rights". And of course, we should not - and nor do we ask for them. The slogan often used by trans activists is "Trans Rights Are Human Rights", and that is what we seek - human rights.


29th August. JKR and her illogical attacks of trans folk.

Just why does J K Rowling keep slashing out at trans folk?

Sadly JKR was yet again back in the news yesterday, and everyone piled in to attack or defend her views. This is all getting so tiresome. So time to look at her arguments and put it into some order.


25th August. All The Trans Battles

Just how many can we fight?

After being on Twitter for one month now, I have read many a tweet and done loads more research. There are just so many trans battles such as:-


23rd August. Twitter And The TERF War.

Oh it is a mad mad world.

I have been on Twitter now for just over four weeks - my first ever social media site. Wow! What a learning curve. Especially for someone just 18 months or so from the big 7 0.


15th August: My Twitter Conversations

Twitter is a war zone

This morning I have had several conversations on Twitter, and some folks are wondering why I have not applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). 


14th August: Southend Women Pleads Guilty To Attacking A Trans Woman

Do Mermaids & Stonewall need to up their game?

I find it very sad that a young woman (aged just 23) hurled abuse at a trans woman in Southend and subsequently pleaded guilty at Southend Magistrates after being charged with threatening behaviour. 


13th August. Weight Gain and Side Effects of HRT

Oh my waist - and I keep getting substitute patches

One of the biggest problems I have had being on HRT has been the weight gain. Looking at the NHS and other websites they say weight gain is not associated with HRT and that any increase in weight is down to "slowing down" as we get older.


10th August: The UK Media Know That By Throwing Enough Mud It Sticks

The Daily Mail & News Corp lead the pack against us.

We are hounded.  Hounded by the UK press with anti-trans stories and indeed both the BBC and Sky to some extent stand accused as well......


9th August: Improving the Integration of Care for Trans Adults

The project that aims to improve NHS health care for trans folk (including non-binary).

Thanks to Twitter (my handle is @PlaceSteph) I saw a request for trans folk to give their views & experiences on NHS trans care in the UK. The project partners are The Open University, NHS (Leeds & York), NHS (Northamptonshire Healthcare), LGBT Foundation and Yorkshire MESMAC.....


8th August: Twitter & Allie Crewe Photography

Stephs News

I don't usually blog on two different subjects but today is an exception. Firstly, I joined Twitter in the past week, my handle being @PlaceSteph 


2nd August: Twitter Transphobe Hate and Rosie Duffield MP

What an idiotic thing to say Rosie Duffield - only women have cervixes?

I recently joined the Twitter community using the handle @PlaceSteph. I have been warned to expect loads of hate messages which I don't mind because if the transphobes, TERF's and gender-critical are hating me, it means I am deflecting the hate from others......


31st July: Murdered - Twenty Six Women & Girls. And We Don't Know Their Names.

The UK media let down both cis and trans women.

Coronavirus lockdown has highlighted hundreds of positive stories, but the negative side in the increase in domestic abuse seems to goes silently unnoticed.


30th June: Fact-Checking The Christian Institute Fact Check.

I do not understand why people can not live and let live.

Fact-Checking The Christian Institute Fact Check. It all sounds a bit double dutch but not for the first time an alleged Christian website has voiced an opinion on trans affairs. I do not understand why people can not "live and let live"......


27th July: Petition To Make Conversion Therapy Illegal

Promoted by Ross Nicholas another push needed.

I was shocked to learn that 'conversion therapy' was still practised in the UK.


25th July: Portsmouth City Council Leaders Supports Trans Rights and Writes to Government

And they also construct an LGBTQ rainbow pedestrian crossing.

I recall as a child being taken to Portsmouth by my grandparents and playing the slot machines situated on the seafront. I loved it. I have returned to Portsmouth many times since then falling in love with the outlet shopping at Gunwharf Quays (after all I am a woman), the.......


23rd July: Trans Womans Response To The Spectator and Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel claims some trans activists risk falling for misogyny. I pray not.

I read Julie Bindel's article in The Spectator today and cried. Julie's article was not in itself, anti-trans for a writer known as a radical feminist. In fact, in some ways, I could relate to the points she was making. 


22nd July. Liz Truss Updates The House of Commons in regard to the revised Gender Recognition Act

Liz Truss reponds to Marsha de Cordoba and Nadia Whittome

News from the House of Commons this afternoon. Liz Truss answering a question from Labours Nadia Whittome about the continual delay in regards to the reformed Gender Recognition Act said this:.....


22nd July. Around 50,000 Deaths in the UK from Coronavirus COVID-19

The Titanic disaster multiplied by thirty three times.

When I launched my website, I had the principal I would try and stay politically neutral - after all, I am courting Conservative opinion in regards to trans rights. Pretty much everyone else is on board the trans bus. 


18th July: The YouGov Poll and Transgender Rights Survey

British Attitudes To Transgender Rights

Its been a strange old week. There were whispers that the Tory government where going to finally release their new proposals concerning the Gender Recognition Act on Wednesday but that didn't happen. Boris told us things would be back to normal by Christmas (and pigs may fly Boris), and then there was that YouGov poll entitled "British Attitudes To Transgender Rights".


15th July: Why are so many kids saying they are trans?

Puberty blockers, trans kids and radical feminists.

I am currently reading a great book at the moment written by Mia Violet called 'Yes You Are Trans Enough'. Within the next week or so I will have my book review ready, but I wanted to touch on a point in my blog which Mia feels very strongly about - puberty blockers and trans kids. 


10th July. Time for The Times to Time Out.

Why is The Times making trans folk lives difficult?

I notice yet again The Times is making trans folk subject of a headline today. This time they are reporting that the BBC has suggested, quite correctly in my view, that their staff may prefer a different pronoun if they identify differently to the norm. 


7th July: Prince Harry & Meghan Call Out For Equality

And Princess Diana would approve too.

I am passionate about fairness, equality and the need to rid ourselves of discrimination in our society. 

Whilst I appreciate we live in a capitalist society and by the very nature of the society we live in there will always be some people "better off" than some others - decency costs nothing.


4th July: A Bad Week In The Office For TERF's, the Binary's & J K Rowling

Society responds to the TERF's

It has been a bad week in the office for the TERF’s, binary thinkers and J K Rowling in particular.

Two of JKR’s leading fan sites have disowned her transphobic comments and in a joint said: “marginalised people [were] out of step with the message of acceptance and empowerment we find in her books...


July 2nd: Exactly One Year On From My Surgery And The Music Will be Loud!

My love for music and the LGBT music greats.

I am writing this on the first anniversary of my surgery which in "My Story" I describe as the best day of my life.


30th June: Opinion. Kier Starmer Says Stop Throwing Bricks At Each Other.

And of course he is right.

Yesterday Kier Stramer, the Labour Party leader, appealed that the gender wars should end. He suggested that TERFs and trans "should stop throwing bricks at each other".  And on course he is right.


25th June: Opinion. The Christian Institute and The Sunday Times Trans Poll

Democracy?...what democracy.

I notice today that The Christian Institute has gloatingly stated that The Sunday Times has reported that in a reader’s poll, 94% of their readers were in favour of not allowing trans people to self ID.


25th June: Ben Mee. Burnley Football Club And Equality

How one footballer did not forget us or our cause.

“We want to make a stand”. So said Ben Mee the 29-year-old footballer and club captain of Burnley Football Club.

And what an inspiring guy he is. 


17th June: Stephen Morgan MP For Portsmouth South Calls Out To Liz Truss

Womens places belong to both cis and trans women.

Another MP Stephen Morgan (Portsmouth South) has called out to Liz Truss regarding the forthcoming changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

Picked by the speaker to ask a question in the house today sadly


15th June: Opinion. Do Not Get Down... Get Proud!

In Pride Month, Despite The Setbacks - Be Proud To Be Trans!

It is the middle of June; Pride month!

And in the last few days instead of celebrating our diversity, we have (as usual) been kicked in the face. We've had the JKR essay which inevitably broke the hearts of many hundreds if not thousands of her trans fans and allies...


June 14th: Opinion. The Sunday Times Leaks Proposed GRA Changes

Democracy?...what democracy.

When I launched my website, I came up with a few self-imposed rules. One of them was to try and stay politically neutral as possible, but today's news makes that aim very difficult. 

All the major political parties in the UK have LGBT+ wings, and all condemned...


June 11th: Opinion. J K Rowling and her transphobic statement.

Discriminatory, cissexist, transphobic, inaccurate, cruel and cringing

I got up unusually early today. Last night I got a message from my website developer to tell me that my site would go live within 48 hours, and he recommended that I polished up my SEO.

As usual, the first thing I do in the mornings is to check out the BBC website for the latest news. My eyes immediately went to one story, and two words hit me; ‘Rowling’ and ‘Trans’.

I had heard many times about J K Rowlings controversial and somewhat confusing statements on trans affairs. Still, not being the least interested in...


10th June 2020: Opinion. Zarah Sultana MP. The Perfect Letter.

Many MP's from all sides of the political spectrum have called out to Liz Truss in regards to her statement on the 22nd of April.

But surely no one has done it better than Zarah Sultana the Labour MP who represents Coventry South.


6th June 2020: Why a Bathroom Bill can and will be defeated.

The Liz Truss speech on the 22nd of April has, of course, sent a tidal wave of despair around the trans and allies’ communities, but the definition of 'women's places' has still to be defined.

Caroline Ffiske Twitter

30th May 2020: The Conservative Woman & Caroline ffiske

Discriminatory, Transphobic, or Cissexist? You Make Your Own Mind Up

Recently, I blogged about The Conservative Woman an online platform whose strapline is "The philosophy not the party". I find the 'About Us' pretty strange because they don't actually define what their aims are its just a list of writers and editorial team etc.

Opinion Trans Symbol

26th May 2020. Opinion: A Trans reply to Caroline ffiske & The Conservative Woman

Beautifully written but what about our kids self harm & suicides Caroline?

Today I picked up on an article in The Conservative Woman written by Caroline ffiske.

To its credit, it is well written and to the uninitiated, makes a somewhat convincing case against Stonewall activities, a charity that I, of course, support.


25th May 2020. The Dear Liz Campaign

Write a letter To Liz Truss

Trans people are worried, and just as I have launched a website other people are doing "their bit" as well. 

One great idea is the Dear Liz letter-writing campaign with the aim to flood Liz Truss with letters of complaint.  


24th May 2020. Opinion: Boris; Don't Cis and Trans Women Deserve Better Than This?

Is three job Liz Truss really able to handle all of her workload?

Being an MP is without question a pretty stressful job!

On average an MP looks after the interest of around 72,200 people in England, slightly less in the remaining three countries of the union 


23rd May 2020. Opinion: The Daily Mail Discriminates Against Trans Women

There has been lots of “bad press” against trans women prisoners in recent months. The Daily Mail, (and others) have been very vocal on this issue. It started with Rory Stewart, once a Tory minister but who was subsequently expelled from the Conservative party, saying that trans woman prisoners had attacked prison officers. Here is the story of how the facts got twisted. 




Love and let live