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Book Review: - Testosterone. The Story of the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us, by Carole Hooven.

By Steph

All trans women like me know that "T" (testosterone) is the enemy. We all should know our enemies, and trans women have more than most. Some wish to completely eradicate us from this earth, such as one Republican politician, Robert Foster......


The boy behind the wall - a self review by our very own Dalton Harrison.

By Dalton Harrison

Representation matters.

Pride month to me is more than a month.


Book Review: Man Enough To Be A Woman by Jayne County

by Freda Wallace

Jayne County, for those who don't know, is probably best described as a one (trans) woman rock phenomenon. Jayne was a trailblazer in the truest sense of the word.


Book Review: Female Masculinities and the Gender Wars by Finn Mackay

By Steph

"The gender wars are not an item on a Gender Studies reading list; they are real battles and real casualties". Words from 'Female Masculinities and the Gender Wars' - a new book authored by Finn Mackay - a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of the West of England - and, like myself, a Radical Feminist.


Book Review: The Transgender Issue by Shon Faye

By Sophie W (Precarious Woman)

The“ Liberation of trans people would improve the lives of everyone in our society” these are the first words written by Shon Faye in her book ‘The Transgender Issue’, an attempt on her part to reset the trans ‘debate’ that has been raging in the UK media for the last several years.


Book Review: Hiding from Myself by Amber Rose Washington.

Moving, intelligent and funny - yet one of the easiest reads ever.

Writing up a book review of Hiding from Myself by Amber Rose Washington is perhaps one of the easiest ever. It can be a real pain having to get inside an author's thoughts sometimes...........


Book Review: TERF Wars

Feminism and the fight for transgender futures.

Without question, reviewing TERF Wars is a huge challenge for me. A series of eleven articles written by esteemed academics - and me who only recently popped my head over the TERF war battlements......


Book Review: Trans Power by Juno Roche

How do I begin to review the book “Trans Power” from Juno Roche?

How do I begin to review the book “Trans Power” from Juno Roche?  Well, actually by reading the book and not looking at other people’s reviews. Book reviews are often so abstract with the word “raw” being a frequent favourite from reviewers.


Book Review: Yes, You Are Trans Enough by Mia Violet

Entertaining, cis friendly, a very good read.

Perhaps the first thing I noticed when unwrapping my eagerly awaited delivery from Amazon was just how big a read “Yes, You Are Trans Enough” by Mia Violet is. In total the book extends to 351 pages.

So I guess you, the reader, is expecting an equally comprehensive book review...


Book Review: Whipping Girl by Julia Serano

I dare any gender-critical radical feminist to read it and not be moved.

Whipping Girl by Julia Serano is without question the best book I have ever read, not because it is about gender but because of its unmatched take on human life behaviour.

Although it was the first book I read since my reading habit was reignited by lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, I have left it to now, some two months later after I read it for the first time to do a review. 


Book Review: A Reflective Guide To Gender Counselling by Madison-Amy Webb

Informative and down right honest. Easy to understand and relate to.

It was not until the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK that I started to become an avid reader. The book Whipping Girl by Julia Serano was my first big read.

Still, I must admit the next two books did not work for me and to be honest, I don’t wish to review either because they were so painful I could not finish either.


Book Review: Trans A Memoir by Juliet Jacques.

Like a flower blooming out of an oasis of confusion, very touching.

Having only put my head above the trans parapet in recent months, I guess it is a crime in my community not to have heard of Juliet Jacques. But guilty I am on that count, and...




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