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27th October. Caroline Lowbridge BBC article 'Were being pressured into sex by some trans women'.

By Steph

I did not get far into Caroline Lowbridge's article (BBC 26th October 2021) "Were being pressured into sex by some trans women" to realise this journalist was either very naive or had been 'set up'.


Anyone who writes such drivel must indeed be sacked along with the editors who signed it off.

What did she say?

"Several people got in touch with me to say there was a "huge problem" for lesbians, who were being pressured to "accept the idea that a penis can be a female sex organ".

Just reading those words stopped me in my tracks. I heard from others in my community that they are livid - in fact, in all the time I have been a trans rights activist, I have never seen such anger. Literally within minutes, a tsunami of "no more hate" from the BBC was erupting. Groups who had barely ever spoken suddenly formed chat groups - all were saying "enough is enough".

For me, I stopped reading Caroline's article the moment I had got to the passage I quote. If I want to read fairy stories, I will go for something more realistic like Hansel & Gretel.

The simple fact is most trans women give up sex when taking hormones - with 71.6% using (or aiming) to block testosterone, meaning they can't get an erection.

Chemically castrated and having sex - now there is a thought.

A bit like a plane flying and not having wings!

I will leave others to fight over the residue of Caroline's text - this will run for weeks, if not months.

Caroline's article was transphobic because it conveys prejudice - it is a non-story, yet the BBC ran with it.


Like many organisations now infiltrated by the extreme-right, the BBC is becoming a vehicle of hate. The bias at BBC Newsnight and on Radio 4 has been evident for years, and slowly but surely, their prejudice is spreading to other departments. An easy barometer is the Tavi Keria Bell case. There were loads of publicity when puberty blockers got (spare the pun) blocked - hardly any when the appeal won.

Yes, it was reported by the BBC but nowhere near the same degree of content, nor did the appeal story stay on the front page for long. The immediate response by the media as a reprisal to the win for puberty blockers was to drag up the Duffield story that she was not going to the Labour Party Conference.

Yep, let's blame those terrible trans people again!

If the BBC and indeed Caroline Lowbridge wants to do something useful, they need to look at the right-wing Christian extremists and the cancerous hate they are spreading in society today. Indeed she can start looking at the desks all around her because for sure they are not very far away. 

Just now the hate mob, are certainly winning, but it is still not too late to turn this around. 

As for Caroline Lowbridge, my advice would be to come off social media and go on a very long holiday. Having been on the wrong end of pile on's myself, I know what it is like.

Do I have any sympathy for her?

Actually - no. 

Planes dont fly if they have no wings.

Trans women can't have sex if they are chemically castrated.


Authored by Steph @PlaceSteph

Want to complain to the BBC directly? This is the best way as Ofcom will also certainly receive numerous complaints but they may take into consideration how many people complain to the BBC.   Here is the link to the BBC's complaint procedure. 

Want to complain to the BBC via an open letter?  (note verification via Hotmail has technical issues I am told - perhaps use a Google account if you have one)? Click Here for a link. 


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