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13th December. Claire and her Amazing Tedx Talk

By Steph

In late November Claire, our co-editor here at Steph's Place did something pretty amazing for the trans community. 


Nah even better than that - scary, courageous, almost unique for a trans person. 

In case you missed what she did - Claire gave a thirteen-minute talk (no notes, no autocue) to TEDx 2021 Bath in front of a selected audience that was streamed to other countries worldwide. 

She explained what happened in an editorial a few days after the event. 

Her talk had a phenomenal response, making people who had shunned trans friends 'think again', and a number of translators cry. 

Watching her talk via the stream - yes, I cried too. 

Have a spare thirteen minutes?

You can catch her talk by way of YouTube by clicking HERE




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