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23rd January. Countering the slur trans ideology.

My biggest article yet.

Okay - so my blog has been a bit quiet for the last week. Sorry - but I have been so busy - honest! I have evaluated how best I can help the trans cause and came to the conclusion one of our biggest weaknesses was that the media and transphobes were constantly using the phrase "trans or gender ideology." 

Many people may well think why does this matter but in fact, it matters a lot.

Neutral folk will, out of curiosity wonder what it means,  Google it - and find pages and pages of anti-trans articles and stories. The gender crits have in fact invented a new phrase and silently (and very successfully) introduced it into the English language. Their idea is similar to that used in the past. Hitler ostracised the Jew's. Margaret Thatcher, through the introduction of Section 28 ostracised our LGB brothers and sisters. The theory is "divide and conquer," to make us look like a wicked sect out to destroy humanity.

The proof - recently The Spectator (an extreme right-wing newspaper) added the word "sinister" too. Not nice. 

We have to fight back and here is the one thing that I can perhaps do better than most write dozens of articles countering the slur of "trans ideology." My aim is to call out articles as they appear - and the people like Ryan T Anderson and Joanna Williams who write them.

We are not an ideology. We are biology - flesh and blood and I am at article war with the term of trans and gender ideology and all the negative press it brings with it. 

My first major article to counter the slur "trans ideology" can be read by clicking HERE. 



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