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14th November. E-mail to Tim Davie

Transphobia Within The BBC

This email was sent today at 09:31 to Tim Davie - cc'd in were Marianna Spring and Mohit Bakaya:
Good Morning Tim,
I am the founder of Steph's Place website  and with a small team, we undertake investigative journalism, blogs, news and views around transgender issues. 
As you can imagine in the last two and a half weeks we have been inundated with complaints about transphobia within the BBC centring around the article 'We're being pressured into sex by some trans women" authored by Caroline Lowbridge. 
Can I also draw your attention to the fact that the definition of transphobia from Oxford Languages is "the dislike of prejudice of transgender or transsexual people".
The article is simply 'wrong' in so many ways and is brilliantly debunked by Shaun Video's
In just over 24 hrs this video has had over a quarter of a million views and of course, there are others in a similar vein.
All, however, seem to forget that the majority of trans women take feminising hormones and testosterone blockers which invariably render trans women like me chemically castrated - meaning loss of libido and invariably the inability to "have sex" at all. 
Further, many of us also have lower surgery meaning we do not have the physical attributes to "have sex" as a male. 
Moreover, the article not only puts the BBC into disrepute - it also does a grave disservice to the hundreds of thousands of lesbians who support trans women. 
There is absolutely no question that the article is inaccurate, is biased, lacks proper editorial scrutiny is highly prejudiced, and therefore transphobic. 
In consequence of the facts so clearly called out by Shaun and those I express in this email, I am asking you to remove the transphobic article from your platform immediately and issue an apology to my community.
Kind regards

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