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Cool2BTrans by Katie Neeves


With more media coverage on trans issues over the last five years or so, trans people are becoming more visible - trans people feel more able to come out than we ever have before. It’s becoming more and more likely that you will have a transgender member of your team soon if you haven’t already!

Sadly, this can cause problems if there are some transphobic members within a team or others who are just ignorant of the needs and sensitivities of trans colleagues.

Apart from your moral duty to protect your employees from transphobic abuse, you also have a legal obligation under the Equality Act 2010 to create an inclusive workplace and to have anti-discrimination policies in place.  It only takes one transphobic staff member to land their employer in a tribunal for discrimination, but having a regular and compulsory trans awareness training programme for all staff gives the employer a solid defence against such cases.

It makes great business sense, too, as LGBT+ staff are 32% more productive when they are comfortable being out at work.

In 2016, Credit Suisse discovered that closeted employees are 73% more likely to leave their jobs within 3 years than those who are out. So by being trans-inclusive, you are likely to have greater staff retention and a more profitable company.

Also, what do your customers think of you?

The Harvard Business Review 2016 showed that 71% of LGBT respondents and 82% of LGBT allies said they are more likely to purchase from a company that supports LGBT equality. That’s what I call a win-win-win!

Being a transgender woman who is currently in transition, I offer a very personal, powerful and authentic insight into what it’s like to be transgender in the UK. I am not associated with any campaign groups, and I have no hidden agenda. I tell my story with humour and in a refreshingly un-corporate and non-political manner. I am not afraid to tell it like it is.

I prefer to have small groups of up to 12 people for in-depth training sessions (although I am happy to talk to large audiences for less in-depth presentations) as I aim to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable to ask me questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking a trans colleague. Nothing is off-limits! I am not embarrassed about answering very personal questions as I know it helps to further others’ understanding and acceptance of trans people. I actively encourage questions and dialogue as I want my sessions to be more like a conversation than a lecture.

I am happy to either work directly for companies or as a sub-contractor to other diversity trainers who may need some help with their transgender awareness module.

For full details of the services I offer, please link to my website HERE: 


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