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The EHRC's reassessment by GANHRI

by Steph's Place

Following a recent series of articles by Vice World News and ourselves exposing the trans hostile activities of the EHRC, a coalition of almost every prominent LGBTQ+ organisations in the UK, (headed by Stonewall), called on the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) to conduct a special review the EHRC’s ‘A’ status as an internationally recognised human rights body.


While the request for a special review by the major LGBTQ+ organisations was unsuccessful, this was due to the fact that the EHRC will be reassessed as part of the normal reaccreditation process in October 2022, with the deadline for submissions being 1st June 2022. We also made a submission in March 2022, which will be carried over to the scheduled process.  


We can therefore confirm that we at Steph's Place will be submitting additional evidence to GANHRI for this reassessment, which currently consists of a 3-page summary letter and a detailed and comprehensive 41 page (and growing rapidly) document of trans hostile activities at the EHRC alongside relevant accompanying evidence.


In conjunction with that we are continuing to document the trans hostile activities of the EHRC to show the world and document for posterity what happens when discrimination takes over a human rights body, and anything relevant we uncover between now and the submission date will be included.


While we regret the necessity of this action, the EHRC are now clearly and unequivocally opposed to the trans community in the UK, and as such, we hope that our forthcoming submission to GANHRI results in a downgrade of the EHRC's status.

A downgrade will be a huge blow to the UK Government's reputation in the international community, and one which can be easily avoided by properly reforming this disgraced public body and ensuring its true independence.

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