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EHRC Scandal - Former Legal Directors Speak Out

EHRC Exposed

Events around the EHRC scandal continue to move at an incredibly fast pace.


Yesterday, Ben Hunte at Vice News broke the story about the Equality and Human Rights Commission and their attempt to throw the Equality Act out of the window by reinterpreting the guidance on access to gendered spaces exemptions. This reported attempt twisted the guidance in order to enact an unlawful blanket ban on trans people being able to use such spaces unless in possession of a Gender Recognition Certificate,

Since the story broke, two former Legal Directors of the EHRC have publicly taken to social media to speak out against their former employer.


On 10th Feb 2022, Elizabeth Prochaska, a public lawyer specialising in equality and human rights law said on Twitter : 

‘What has happened to @EHRC ? 

This is a profound and wilful misinterpretation of the law. It endangers trans people and does nothing to "protect women". 

I was once proud to be their Legal Director. Solidarity to my brilliant ex-colleagues, who are so much better than this.’


Prochaska took on the role of Legal Director at the EHRC in 2017, and on doing so stood down as a barrister - apparently showing more integrity and awareness of the potential for conflicts of interest than members of the current EHRC Board.




This was followed on the 11th Feb 2022, with Grey Collier who is currently an Advocacy Director at the human rights organisaton Liberty, stating on Twitter : 

 ‘As a former Legal Director of @EHRC  I cannot agree strongly enough that it no longer meets the conditions for UN accreditation.

It is not independent. It does not support human rights for everyone.

And now we hear it doesn't even understand the law it was created to uphold.’


Grey worked at the EHRC for almost 11 years, starting in 2008 as a Senior Lawyer before working their way upwards to Legal Director in 2019. 



With two such prominent former employees speaking out alongside every reputable LGBTQ+ and trans specific organisation on the EHRC’s current actions against the UK trans community, just how long can the EHRC continue to deny they appear to have a massive problem across the entire leadership?


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