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8th of Jan - Email Campaign to BBC Director General

Email complaint to Tim Davie

Many of us would like to be at the protest at the BBC today, but for various reasons, we can't. 

But you can still make your voice be heard by emailing your complaint to the BBC's Director-General Timothy Davie. His email address is below together with a template letter which of course you can amend if you wish. If you wish to make changes PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENSIVE - it will NOT help our cause. 

Please be imaginative (but polite) with the email heading we don't want to make our complaints too easy to spot. I would add that our campaign is separate from the official protest. 

Email address:




Dear Mr Davie,

As I am sure you will be aware a protest event is being held today (Saturday 8th January) at Broadcasting House in relation to the continued transphobia at the BBC. This transphobia, (the definition of which is the prejudice of transgender and transsexual people), is obvious in everyday BBC articles and the reporting of events that include transgender people.

Recent articles where transphobia is apparent include Caroline Lowbridge’s article which was based on falsehoods and poor research and more recently the death of April Ashley when sadly the BBC were amongst the very last of the media outlets to report this significant event. To make it even more apparent of the issues at the BBC, April’s death was one of the most looked at stories that day but was quickly removed from the News website page.

Regrettably, I can not attend the protest today – but please accept this email in complaint.



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