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June 7th. Every Three Days - Amy-Leanne Stringfellow

On average every three days a woman is killed by a man.

Every third day, in our #EveryThreeDays campaign, I write about a woman killed by a man. On June 1st, I wrote the horrific story of Sohbia Khan, and on the 4th, we remembered our first trans woman Chrissie Azzopardi who was brutally killed in her own home in north London by Romy Maynard in 2012.

Today June 7th, we remember a more recent victim of male violence Amy-Leanne Stringfellow - a story I find very difficult to write about because it is very clear Amy should still be alive.

Amy was a unique woman full of drive - wanting to be her best not just for herself but also for her family and our country. She was a former Army reservist and had been a full-time soldier before the birth of her daughter Aurora. Amy worked as a personal trainer and had previously been named Miss Great Britain in a bodybuilding contest.

Amy was full of life.

She had met Aurora's dad whilst serving in the Army, and after their break-up, they remained on good terms. Amy later met Terence Papworth in November 2019, and they fell in love and got engaged - with the event even being streamed so family and friends could witness the happy occasion. He told people Amy's ring, which she wore so proudly, was valued at £8000, but in short, everything was a pack of lies.

In truth, Papworth was a domestic abuser with a long history of abusing women and being incredibly cruel. So cruel that one former girlfriend stated that he strangled a dog in front of her, another saying he broke her fingers and another saying she moved to Australia to get away from him.

Amy, of course, knew none of this; she just saw the man of her dreams and a stepdad to her young daughter, who had just started school. However, within weeks of Amy's engagement, things began to go very wrong. Under the cloak of covid lockdown, the true Papworth started to emerge.

Amy was gaslighted; he took away her mobile phone and sent terse messages to those reaching out to Amy, doing his best to separate her from family and friends.

Then a major incident occurred when Papworth beat Amy, leaving her with two black eyes. He also threatened Amy and her young daughter with a shotgun which Amy reported to the Police. Papworth was not held in custody, though - the Police failed to note his abusive past. Meanwhile, Amy and her daughter Aurora had to seek a safe house which was provided by the Army.

One of the Police bail conditions was that Papworth would not contact Amy, but he did precisely that and somehow talked her round to spend some time with him at his home in, Balby, Doncaster. There on the 5th of June 2020, just over one year ago -  he slit Amy's throat, smashed her head with a vodka bottle and beat her, leaving her with 58 separate injuries, including two fractured eye sockets.

Amy was just 26 years old. 

Papworth then drove to a local Police station and gave himself up.

But there was no justice to be served in this case.

On November 22nd of last year, Terence Papworth hung himself in a cell in Leeds prison.

But the family are rightly still asking questions.

Just how did a serial abuser of women not be locked up after threatening a mother and child with a shotgun and attacking Amy? After all, Papworth had a considerable history of violence and abuse.

And as the family still ask questions - one little girl is left without a mum.

But they did find out the true value of that engagement ring - £3.50. 


So am I. 

Amy-Leanne Stringfellow  1994 - 2020



Authored by Steph @PlaceSteph


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