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May 29th. Every Three Days - Andra Hilitanu

On average every three days a woman is killed by a man.

Every third day, in our #EveryThreeDays campaign, I write about a woman killed by a man.

Previously in this month, we have remembered Suzanne Pilley, Raheela Shariff, Louise Smith, Claire Parry, Natalie Hemming, Jessica Patel, Melissa Belshaw, Joanne Hamer and on May the 26th - Sophie Cavanagh.

Today we remember Andra Hilitanu, who was 28 and 30 weeks pregnant on the night of her murder, May 31st 2019.

Like so many women we remember, Andra was in an abusive relationship with a man in her case, Ioan Campean with whom she shared a bedsit in Neasden Lane, London. NW10

On the night of Andra's murder, neighbours heard them arguing with Campean, complaining that he did not want more children.

He then violently attacked her and their unborn child, plunging a pair of scissors into her neck. He then left them both to die as he went for a drive, deliberately not summoning help for more than two hours to ensure that both Andra and baby were dead.

The Brent and Kilburn Times also reported that Campeanu “regularly abused her” and would “send her out to steal and make her take drugs" throughout their relationship”.

On returning to the bedsit, Campeanu called 999 and admitted his guilt but subsequently changed his mind.

However, he was subsequently found guilty at the Old Bailey and jailed for life with a minimum 26-year term and given a concurrent 14-year term in prison for the destruction of their unborn child.

After his trial, Det Insp Jamie Stevenson, who led the murder investigation, said:

“Despite initially admitting his guilt to the attending officers, Campeanu has since refused to take responsibility for his despicable actions. “He has unnecessarily put Andra’s family through even more pain and suffering by forcing them to re-live Andra’s murder at trial.

“My heart goes out to Andra’s friends and family. I hope today’s guilty verdict gives them at least a small measure of comfort and closure".

“We will never know if reporting the abuse she suffered could have saved Andra, but I would implore anyone who is suffering or knows of someone suffering domestic abuse to call police immediately".

“Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence and could ultimately save someone’s life and save you from suffering from years of regret.”

So often when I research the victims murdered by men they are in abusive relationships. Around 94% of women are murdered by men they know, including of course Andra.

In her tragic case, her baby was denied life too. 

Andra Hilitanu 1991 - 2019


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