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October 6th. Every Three Days - Malgorzata Marczak

On average every three days a woman is killed by a man.

Every third day, in our #EveryThreeDays campaign, I write about a woman killed by a man. Previously in this campaign, which started on May 2nd 2021, we have remembered 54 women, the last being Katrina Evemy, who was just nineteen years of age and a mother of a 22-month-old daughter.

Today we remember Malgorzata Marczak,29, who was discovered dead precisely six years ago today - October 6th 2015.

The exact reasons why Malgorzata was killed remain a mystery to this day, but the person who killed her is known - his name was Daniel Fedec, the boyfriend of Malgorzata. The circumstances of her death are gruesome - she was found naked in bed after being hit with a paying slab torn from the garden and then being strangled. Unusually there were no known domestic violence incidents; all is known is that Fedec has told doctors he was suicidal and had been prescribed tablets for his depression.

Family and friends became concerned that they could not contact either Malgorzata or Fedec, and on the afternoon of October 6th at 3 pm the Police arrived at her home to discover it was locked. They then got access to the house after contacting the letting agent only to find Malgorzata's body.

Searching the house, there were no signs of Daniel Fedec though his whereabouts were quickly discovered in the garage - Daniel had hung himself.

At the inquest, evidence from a friend stated Mr Fedec was seen taking a taxi at around 2.30 am on Monday, 5th October, The taxi driver did not notice any blood on his clothes at this time, but later that same morning Fedec met a friend in Tolladine Road, Worcester who described his behaviour as “unusual and out of character”. The friend said "he did not talk as much as he usually did and stared straight ahead, not making eye contact with him".

Senior coroner Geraint Williams said: “It appears clear to me that Malgorzata Marczak was killed unlawfully and Mr Fedec took his own life. Malgorzata Marczak died as the result of an unlawful act.” He also said he was sure that Mr Fedec had intended to take his own life and that he did so. His conclusion was that Miss Marczak was unlawfully killed and that Mr Fedec committed suicide.

Malgorzata Marczak


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