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August 31st. Every Three Days - Wendy Mann

On average every three days a woman is killed by a man.

Every third day, in our #EveryThreeDays campaign, I write about a woman killed by a man. Previously this month, we have remembered Miriam Nyazema, Denisa Silmen, Jan Bennett, Simonne Kerr, Laura Holden, Jane Wiggett, Katelyn Parker, Elife Beqa, Shana Grice and on the 28th of August, Elizabeth Nnyanz.

Today we remember mother-of-three Wendy Mann, 27, who was found dead on the kitchen floor of her West Bromwich home in August 2015.

Wendy did not have a stable relationship with a partner and was torn between two men Trevor Tyndale and Leroy Sterling. Sterling was very aware he had "competition" so he invited Trevor Tyndale to his home and then tried to kill him. Trevor survived but needed emergency surgery but being afraid that his wife would find out about his affair with Wendy decided to tell the police he was attacked in the street.

Wendy moved into Sterling's home, but after a month, she decided to leave. Sterling then found out that Wendy had seen Trevor Tyndale and went to her home and strangled her.

This story then has a further twist - Trevor Tyndale was wrongly charged with Wendy's murder. Fortunately, the error was corrected, but certainly, it must have been an exceedingly worrying time for Trevor.

Defending the police action Det Insp Martin Slevin, who led the hunt for Ms Mann’s killer, told the BBC: “We followed the evidence and Trevor Tyndale spent the night before Wendy’s death with her. “All the phone data and CCTV evidence available at that early period pointed to Trevor Tyndale being a person who could have been responsible for Wendy’s death. Certainly, Sterling did his best to cover up his tracks but leaving DNA and his footprint on the newly cleaned floor was his undoing and in consequence, he was found guilty of attacking Trevor Tyndale and killing Wendy Mann.

David Parsons, the senior crown prosecutor from West Midlands CPS, said “When Leroy Sterling became aware that Wendy Mann had formed a new relationship, jealously and rage took hold of him. He first brutally attacked the man she had formed the new relationship with, and a month later, he violently attacked and killed Ms Mann in her own home.

While certainly, the press reported the circumstances of this horrific event, one is left wondering what devasting effect all this had on Wendy's three kids.

Wendy Mann


Authored by Steph @PlaceSteph

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