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30th June: Fact-Checking The Christian Institute Fact Check.

I do not understand why people can not live and let live.

Fact-Checking The Christian Institute Fact Check. It all sounds a bit double dutch but not for the first time an alleged Christian website has voiced an opinion on trans affairs. I do not understand why people can not "live and let live". After all trans folk do not suggest to any religion that they are doing things wrong. 

The Christian Institute may well be upset that I used the words "alleged Christian website". But I don't think it is very "Christian" to interfere in our affairs in particular when other religions do not interfere with us anywhere near as much. 

I appreciate a lot is going on in the world today that is against the Christian teachings but in comparison to all the theft, murder, war, rape, domestic abuse, conversion therapies, mutilation, slavery, abhorrent wealth, homelessness, women's equality issues, drug addiction, gambling addiction, judicial injustice - not to mention what is happening in China , Hong Kong and indeed the rest of the world do trans folk merit such interest from a religion that is aiming to cleanse the world of sin?  

The Christian Institute's article is reasonably true... after all telling fibs are also against God's law from what I recall. But being "economical with the truth" is a different matter, and here The Christian Institute's article skirts around the many issues. 

I have yet to see a Christian website (alleged or otherwise) stand up against the huge amount of violence trans folk suffer. It is almost like they silently condone it.  

Nor do they understand the difficulties trans folk have in getting work or accessing health care causing high suicide rates. Is life not sacred? 

On The Christian Institute's (About Us page) they say this "The Bible commands us to love our neighbours as ourselves, which is fundamental in showing concern for society. If we say we love our neighbour and care about the welfare of our communities, we should be acting as salt and light to be an influence for the better."   

So I must ask them this. Where is the love for the trans person?

Nor do they understand the insurmountable practical difficulties in the process of the current Gender Equality Act, albeit one sentence from their article stood out which reads:

"Even in its present state, the Gender Recognition Act is fundamentally absurd."

Horray!.... well, we agree with that one - albeit for different reasons. 

All religions have the right to live and practice how they wish as long as it doesn't impact on innocent peoples lives. And here is why I object to The Christian Institutes article because trans folk do not seek to make other peoples lives more difficult and by constantly writing unhelpful stories about the trans community they do exactly that. 

We are the ones attacked and then obviously defend. 

If only the radical feminists and the far-right Christians stopped bullying us and concentrated on all the injustices in this world, we would all then be in a far better place. 

The Christian Institute has been made aware of this article and been offered the right to respond. A link to their article is below.

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