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22nd of April: Fair Play for Women and their Misleading Evidence

Please write to your MP

Yesterday 21st of April 2021, we witnessed evidence being given to the Women and Equalities Select Committee in regard to GRA reform by three organisations considered by many as hate groups of trans people. 

In my view, their evidence was flawed and unhelpful, but others may disagree. That, however, is not the point of this blog.

The member of the Committee are:

  • Caroline Nokes MP (Chair) Conservative - Romsey and Southampton North
  • Sara Britcliffe MP Conservative - Hyndburn
  • Elliot Colburn MP Conservative - Carshalton and Wallington
  • Angela Crawley MP Scottish National Party - Lanark and Hamilton East
  • Virginia Crosbie MP Conservative - Ynys Môn
  • Alex Davie-Jones MP Labour - Pontypridd
  • Peter Gibson MP Conservative - Darlington
  • Kim Johnson MP Labour - Liverpool, Riverside
  • Kate Osborne MP Labour - Jarrow
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP Labour - Streatham
  • Nicola Richards MP Conservative - West Bromwich East


At one point, Nicola Williams (Fair Play for Women) was replying to Elliot Colburn about trans people and crime - but her evidence was misleading.

Trans people need to protest - and in particular, those who have access to the MP's on the Committee, in other words, constituents of MP's on the panel.

Can I suggest anyone wishing to complain copy and paste the letter below to their MP? It is easy to do via the "Write to them" website (link below).

Here is what I would suggest you write:





On the 21st of April 2021, the Women and Equalities Select Committee took evidence from organisations broadly opposed to major GRA reform. At one point, Nicola Williams (who represented Fair Play for Women) gave evidence which I and many others consider misleading in regards to trans people and crime.

I would like to point out that the Ministry of Justice document entitled 'The Care and Management of Individuals who are Transgender, updated 27th January 2020 states: 

"The numbers of transgender individuals held in the adult prison estate are low (approximately 1.6 transgender prisoners reported per 1000 prisoners in custody)".

As it is estimated that 1% of people in the UK are transgender, the figure that should be expected is 10 per 1000 - not 1.6.

The statistic that can be drawn from the MOJ document is that cis-gendered people commit crime at six times the rate of trans people.

Consequently, the obvious conclusion is that trans people commit very little crime. 

This is because many are petrified of going to prison, rarely fight back if being attacked, together with some too scared to even leave their homes because of the fear of abuse. 

Nicola Wiliams made particular reference to sex offending and trans people.

However, a recent investigative article published on the website Steph's Place (which was subsequently applauded by some in the legal profession and two ex-prison governors) concluded that many sex offenders take on a trans person's persona for personal safety reasons while in prison and that MOJ statistics are untrustworthy because of insufficient data collection methods.

The research concluded that trans people committing sex offences is, in truth, much lower than the cisgender ratio.

A link to the research article is here, ( ) which, I would also mention, proves that trans people are attacked on average every 33 days when in prison.

Please support trans people and GRA reform which is long overdue making it easier for trans people to obtain a GRC. 

Thank you for your help. 






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