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24th March. Fairness and Trans in Sport

My article for a third party

My Trans and Sports article continues to draw lots of page hits, and more recently, I was asked to do a piece for a trans organisation. So after a Zoom with some members, the article was duly written but what struck me was how fair they wanted to be. They had a policy in mind, which in a nutshell was this.

Firstly, if a trans athlete wanted to partake in a sporting match or event, did it pose a safety risk to other competitors?

If the answer was "yes", - the trans participant should not participate.
If the answer was "no", the trans person should participate subject to the following two questions.

Secondly, If there was no safety risk, was there an advantage?

If the answer was "no", then the trans person should be able to compete. If the answer was a "yes", then a further question was to be asked, which was this.

Does it matter?

The bottom line being an elite level event is different from a local league competitive match or game - and in turn, is different from a social one.

In the event of a dispute, the sports body should have the final say or make the rules as they deem fit.

Not rocket science - all very easy and simple!

And more to the point exceedingly fair that protects everyone's rights and means in the correct circumstances trans folk get to participate. 

No doubt someone will moan though - there is always one!

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