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6th February - Feminist Hate Mail

By Steph

On the 2nd of February, after months of hard work (not to forget stress and frustration), the story broke via Vice News that the EHRC was working actively with organisations that, in the opinion of trans people, promote hate.

People that we say are both prejudiced and openly discriminatory.

I don't need to name them, do I?

Trans people know.

Much of what Vice used was information supplied by Claire, our lead investigative journo at Steph's Place - so talented that she could be snatched from us tomorrow by MI5.

Yes, she is that good.

We knew Steph's Place would get hit by G C extremists - that is not to negate the fact that there are some disgusting trans activist, extremists, too.

All despicable, both sides, indeed are they the same people?

We dont know.

So we locked down our Twitter accounts, and put our IT chap on red alert waiting for the attack with hard hats on. And sure enough, it came via Mumsnet and into our email box - hitting primarily me for being such a disgusting person. 

And I want to share one particular email because it didn't contain a death threat but something quite worse - it said only "women" could be a feminist.


Feminism is an ideology, an idea or an ideal - the eutopia of humanity that we are all equal. That people, irrespective of gender or sex, colour of skin or religion, have the same opportunities.

For sure, feminism is about women, because women are the oppressed, the ones who suffer the pay gap, the ones in the workplace who have less chance of promotion, that gets fired for bringing new life into this shitty world that men have created.

Women are the ones who dont have an equal place in government - us trans folk; we are not even there.

No trans folk in either the Lords or Commons - travesty.

So let me be clear on this.

We should all be feminists irrespective of genitals, and those soden men who are violent to women and have started virtually every war on this planet for the last two thousand years should give way.

And until they do, all feminists will fight and what is between anyone's legs makes no difference.

And as for the nasty person who wrote the email to me, saying only women can be a feminist, claiming her phone number is ending 662 - well, she can fu** off. 

I'm rad fem and I fight for ALL women - and I will do so until the day I die. 


Authored by Steph @PlaceSteph 

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