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24th June. Cancer and frozen lemons.

You will quite naturally try anything

Six years ago today, I was at the bedside of my wife, hoping beyond hope that she would pull through major surgery called a Whipple's Procedure. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a few weeks earlier and was told that this surgery, plus chemotherapy, was her only real chance.  

Having a Whipple's is not a simple operation, and only the very best of the best surgeons undertake doing them. Basically, the surgery entails taking part of the pancreas, duodenum (the first part of the small bowel), part of the stomach, the gall bladder and part of a bile duct.  

Of course, she decided to go with the surgery and was admitted into the hospital on a Sunday, ready for the surgery on the next day. I remember very clearly walking down to the operating theatre that Monday morning just wondering what was in store. Later in the afternoon, I got a call from the surgeon that all went well.

My other half doesn't recall the next two days, but I was there and can say the nursing and care she received was simply beyond excellence. 

Roll forward six years, and she has recently celebrated her 70th birthday. She is amazingly fit and in good health. 

Of course, there is always hope with cancer, but for sure, it can mean a huge fight.

I dont for one moment want to take away any credit from the fantastic surgeon or the hospital staff - but for sure, many people look for other answers besides what traditional medicine can offer.

In her case, we simply turned to lemons - or, to be precise, frozen lemons.

We had read that lemons had properties that counteracted cancer, and when you are desperate, you will quite naturally try anything - so we did.

In essence, we washed fresh lemons and put them in the freezer to harden off. Every morning for breakfast, I grated half a lemon, and she quickly consumed it while still frozen.

An that's it.

We did that for three years, every day without fail, and yes, she is looking better than ever.

Luck? Surgery? Chemo? Frozen Lemons? A combination?

I dont know.

But I would say we would do precisely the same if cancer strikes again. One in two of us gets cancer these days, so this horrible disease affects many families. 

If you have cancer or just looking to help a loved family member or friend, I would suggest it is worth exploring and please remember lots of people beat it, and you are never alone. 


Authored by Steph Twitter @PlaceSteph

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