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12th November. Gender Critical Women's Groups

Just how strong are the gender critical groups who allege they represent women in society.


Every year YouGov publish a report on the attitudes of the British public to transgendered people. It asks very straight questions such as:

(1) Is a transgender woman a woman, (marginally most people think so).
(2) Is a transgender man a man, (again the majority of people think so).
(3) Should trans women be able to use a Ladies loo, (the vast majority of people think so).

And of course, there are many more questions too. A link to the survey is at the bottom of this page. In the main, people appear to be more "trans-friendly" if they are young, left-wing or liberal. The survey shows one other very significant point, though. Women are more trans-friendly than men.

This questions the validity of the gender war which is headed by numerous 'women groups' - such as Woman's Place UK, Fair Play for Women and Labour Women's Declaration together with several more groups all who whom state they represent women. Twitter is an excellent barometer of the anti-trans groups. When you look at who gender crits follow, it becomes very evident they often follow all the known anti-trans groups. 

This tends to flatter the gender-critical groups because they all boast significant membership numbers. Still, if they are all the same people in each organisation, suddenly their membership numbers dont look so rosy. Now I know these women's groups do have a tiny number of men in their membership, but let's be honest - very few.

Given YouGov asked the British public their opinions on trans people, I wondered if they did the same towards these radical groups of women - if they do - I could not find any. I would encourage YouGov to consider looking at them.

What is the British attitude to radical women's groups is a fair question!

Another barometer of the "women's groups" power is the number of responses to the public consultation concerning the Gender Recognition Act. Around 108,000 replies, yet for all their mega loud voices and drum beating, they failed to get much more than 24% of "the vote."

I looked around me.

I was married for twenty-seven years to a woman that was obviously trans-friendly. She left me, (and three kids to bring up as a single-parent) for a trans. I remarried twenty years ago - we have a very loving relationship. My daughter, two stepdaughters, plus an adopted daughter - all trans-friendly. My neighbours trans-friendly. My nine natal female work colleagues are trans-friendly. And when I came out to them, one said - "no problem, I worked with a trans woman at my last job." Another said, - "no problem, my daughter's teacher is "trans." Another said - "I got two relatives that are trans. Both transitioned in the last ten years - so what?  You should be who you are."

Now I know many trans folk do get a rejection from family and others. I know I have been lucky. However, the point remains that EVERY - yes EVERY woman around me support trans people and view gender crits (note I dont use the T-word) with utter contempt.

These groups do, of course, have members, and I dont doubt for one second they believe they represent women. But hang on ladies of the GC groups - you have no mandate to represent women in society, no mandate to exclude trans people in the community, no mandate to throw bricks.

Your mandate is purely to represent your membership - that membership - who are also more than likely, members of all the other anti-trans groups.

The women's groups say they want to protect women and girls (so do I) - but at what point does the protection of one group become the persecution of another group?

And before all, you GC's kick-off and say "hang on a minute - you have Stonewall," Stonewall admit they represent a minority group.  You say you represent a complete sex. On top of that, I have issues with Stonewall too. In a nutshell, (from what I am aware), I am a transexual with no dedicated support group whatsoever.  

So please GC's dont say you represent "women" because you dont - and certainly all the women I know - will have nothing to do with you. 

And the image of the needlepoint on the top of this page?

Courtesy of my youngest stepdaughter and a HUGE trans ally.


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