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Ever Had Your Colours Done? If Not, You Are Missing Out.

Save pounds by knowing what colours to avoid and what colours to buy.

Have you ever bought a top or dress and never worn it? Occasionally it is because it doesn’t fit or look right, but often it is down to the colour not working for you. 

We have all got pre-conceived ideas about what works for us regarding style because we know our body shape but what many women and indeed men don’t pick up on is the importance of colour.

Now look in your wardrobe, and the chances are three or four colours will dominate, you may not have realised it. They will be the colours you wear more often and feel more comfortable in – they look good, but you don’t know quite why.

It actually down to your skin colour and tone, together with your hair colour that depicts what ‘your colours’ are, and most colour consultants will describe you as one of the four seasons; winter, spring, summer or autumn.

Now don’t think for one second that this is a load of mumbo jumbo it is not and by having a colour consultation, you will immediately appreciate how true this all is.

The usual procedure is for the consultant to cover the clothes you are wearing with a white drape and also cover your hair in a rather unflattering white cap. Do not feel embarrassed about this; they have seen it dozens of times before. They then proceed to drape you in large coloured squares while you both are looking in a mirror. You then decide between you what colours ‘work for you’ and what don’t. The consultant will then normally do a re-run of the shortlisted colours with the white cap removed to confirm your choices.

And hey presto you will then find out what season you are…in my case I am a summer.

Many natural blondes usually are either spring or summer just as darker skin tones and darker hair will often, but not always, fall into autumn or winter.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Once you know your season, you can work out if gold or silver jewellery works best for you and even get an exact idea about the best make up shades including eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush and lipsticks.

Put it all together, and suddenly you look glam!

Invariably the colours from your season will blend beautifully and going forward to will save loads of cash because you will not make a buying mistake again. If you want further proof, look at my images and imagine me wearing black, orange, yellow or black. These colours just don’t work for me, making it challenging when that LDB occasionally comes out, which is considered a staple must-have.

When I look in a women’s magazine, I often laugh they tell us what colours are ‘in’. They often show a row of models all in the same colours, but these colours will not work for many of us. I am not sure why they do not pick up on this and show the right colours for our various seasons.

I once read an article saying every woman should have a red dress - on me; it will look terrible, on darker skin and dark hair, probably wow!

There are several different companies which offer colour consultations including, Colour Me Beautiful and House of Colour. Some local consultants provide an independent service. On leaving most companies give you a personal colour swatch to leave in your bag. It is really useful, and for months I was using it constantly whenever I went on a shopping spree. After a time you get used to the colours that work for you making shopping quicker & easier, meaning you can cover even more shops than you previously could!

Thank you for reading this page. If you haven’t already done so could I ask you to spend a few minutes reading the home page and my story? It’s a great read promise.   

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Updated 11/1/20

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