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Trying to get your head around trans issues?

I must admit not until COVID-19 hit did I ever consider picking up a book.

But now I am hooked, and the more I read, the more I want to read. Just now my only interest is trans issues, and by far the best book I have read is "Whipping Girl" by Julia Serano. 

It brought home to me what is all the trans fuss about?

Trans people are just ordinary people but Julia, expertly, tears apart society concerning all the trans prejudices.

She is not nasty in the way she does it and given I live in the UK it is not exactly a great read all of the time because naturally, Julia concentrates on issues in her native home of California. 

But; it is a book I still could not put down! 

At the time of writing Amazon reviews (all 147 of them) were giving this book 4.6 stars which I would suggest is an excellent score indeed.

I just learned so much from 'Whipping Girl', and I give it five stars!

Hopefully, some of Julia Serano's teachings will manifest themselves on to this website because this book surely will get a place in history as the trans bible.  




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