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4th February. Guest Blog from Trans Ally Paul Levene

Trans & Women's Rights

If we still push for a GRA reform that is more humane & compassionate for trans, in exactly what way would this impact on women’s rights?

Having a GRC doesn’t exclude the recipient from the Equality Act 2010 so the use of single-sex spaces would remain identical to now. The government stated in the consultation that a GRC is not backdated, so it doesn’t erase nor rewrite your history or biological sex. And in reality, a changed birth certificate will have minimal impact as this isn’t a document that’s required or used as ID in everyday life.

 So, all it does is enable trans women (and men) to bring a highly personal document in line with their true identity- it gives them no greater rights to their identity than for any other women (or man).

 And it’s not as if a GRC isn’t already available.  

 Obtaining a GRC is already achievable (even though under an unfair process), so exactly what impact does this have on women’s rights?

We are told GRA Reform will ‘remove women’s hard-earned sex-based rights’ yet these rights are totally unaffected by GRC‘s already granted!

And rather than this constant unquantified claim, what are these so-called rights being lost?

If a trans woman has a GRC does this affect a cisgender women’s ability to use female spaces, her healthcare provision, her workplace rights or any aspect of her everyday life?

Answer: No

Even if we consider the ludicrous claim that a cisgender man ‘might’ abuse this & obtain a GRC (even though it does nothing more than giving them a document that has no benefit in everyday use), what exactly would this achieve?

It doesn’t place them above the law if they offend, It doesn’t grant access to any single-sex space that they can’t already walk into without a GRC, as what single-sex spaces require ID for entry? The Equality Act 2010 still provides prisons & refuges full rights of exclusion. There are no benefits or reasons for abusing.

And the clear evidence from countries that have introduced a fairer process to gain a GRC is that cisgender men have not abused the process, and so this whole claim that there would be an increased danger to women is nothing more than unjustifiable scaremongering. There is no genuine issue of increased danger and there are no rights being changed or lost for cisgender women- as stated, the GRC’s that have already been granted have not impacted on any female rights so how could making the process fairer be any different?

Clearly, it wouldn’t

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