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Where is the support

By Nicola Rose

As we are in the early days of the GMC case against Dr Helen Webberley with the claim that she has broken the rules and treated trans people in an unlicensed manner, we are beginning to find out how little support for trans people of all ages there really is....


Social Media Mouse Maze

by Freda Wallace

Being trans on Twitter is like being the cheese in a mouse experiment. Often we are the bait around which so-called 'culture war' polemics are formed. Let me explain...


Freda's Coming Home.

A personal blog of a trans woman visiting her family in Bolton.

I travelled back to home Bolton this weekend (09.07.21), and it's a big deal. I've been fully out as trans just less than one year. I have only seen my mother twice and my father once in that time. My uncle, cousin and her twin boy and girl are coming up from down south to see me too. I was nervous, to say the least.


Nell Stockton - Round The Island Race.

A trans sailors story

It’s Saturday, July 3rd 2021 at about 7am. The weather is a bit murky and misty. What’s most worrying is that there is little wind – a significant concern given that I’m crew on a racing yacht, weaving in and out of a myriad other yachts..............


Dalton Harrison: I was in Prison

The story of a trans man held on the female estate.

I was in prison in 2017. It was my first time, and solicitors and barristers had told me that it wasn't wise to be seen as LGBT before the courts. I say LGBT because, at this point, this was how it was..............


Where are the media watchdogs?

By Nicola Rose

In the last 18 months or so, and particularly over the last few months, the anti-trans rhetoric has increased immensely. It seems that this increase is driven by several factors. Firstly, the active high profile legal cases surrounding Employment Rights, discrimination, and the interpretation of aspects of the Equalities Act 2010.......


Banning Conversion Therapy: No, it is not 'Complicated'

by Dr Natacha Kennedy


Some anti-trans 'Journalists' and members of transphobic hate groups appear to have been suggesting that the issue of banning Conversion Therapy is 'Complicated', yet somehow why it is 'complicated' is never adequately explained.


UK Media Attacks on Trans Support Services:

A retrospective view from GenderGP


 In October 2020, reporters for the BBC infiltrated the forums of trans youth support charity Mermaids. What they discovered was desperate parents asking questions and sharing information about how they could help their young people while they navigated long waiting lists and limited access to NHS services.


The Debate Continues

The aftermath from Sarah Everard's murder by Dalton Harrison

Not since the start of the MeToo movement going viral in 2017 has a moment hit the public conscious quite so hard as Sarah Everard’s murder. With so many people reacting with shock and speaking out on violence against women.


The Long, Long, Road of Despair.

By Madelaine Taylor

I knew when I was a child that I wasn’t what everyone thought I was. I knew I wasn’t anything like what I was ‘supposed to be’. But in that, I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m not alone in struggling through life.......


Caster Semenya - Surely sport is all about fairness and ensuring we maintain a level playing field?

A Guest Article by Paul Levene

Ask any armchair sports fan, and without any real knowledge or involvement in elite sport this is what we all assume. We all know that every sporting event we watch, whether it be the Olympics 100m or a Football Cup Final, there are rules in place that dictate the way each event is run and lays down qualification rules for its participants to be able to compete.......


So, your child is Trans .....

The story of a parent discovering their child is trans. Written by Paul

'Dad, there is something I need to tell you - I'm transgender.'

These are words that a parent never expects to hear. For your child, though, there will have been so much soul searching - and a conclusion that they will not have come to quickly or lightly. And it must take unbelievable courage.............


Winner takes all? Some comment on ‘Self ID’.

By Sarah Phillimore (Feminist and Barrister)

It is only looking back, now aged 50 years, that I can see how unusual my childhood was. Thanks to a father with a wide ranging interests, by the age of 11 I had unearthed his entire comic book collection, found The Joy of Sex hidden in a wardrobe.....




Love and let live