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17th December. Hypocrites.

Gender crits and kids.

I went back to Twitter after a short break on Monday only to get embroiled in a "debate" with gender crits, terfs and others about puberty blockers. Overall, I hold semi-neutral views about them, and I stand by an article that I wrote about them. Click HERE to see it. 

Semi-neutral, however, do not go down to well with many on Twitter and for sure if trans say black, terfs and gender crits say white.

But this debate opened up a new question. I have always held the view that kids healthcare was a matter between health professionals, the parents and kids - assuming they are "Gillick."

Trans opponents say they are against puberty blockers because they want to protect kids. Interesting that because that is what the trans side say too.

But this leads to something much more sinister. Trans are a community joined together by the fact that we are all trans. It is quite natural that we would want to protect kids going through traumas that we experienced ourselves. And this is why I just edge my opinions towards the use of them. 

The other side is of course "cis" they have not experienced issues with gender as we have. Puberty was, well just that puberty. This would then would open the point of are the gender crits interested in ALL kids health and safety or only want to "target" trans kids.

Because let's be clear here I am certainly not aware of any child dying because of taking puberty blockers and so far in the UK I am only aware of Bell herself being unhappy that she went that route, though for sure the law of averages will mean there are some others. And in the last four years, the gender crits has allegedly spent one million pounds in legal cases against the trans cause, and that is a lot of money.

Money, and more to the point effort, that could - no should - have been spent on REAL kids health and safety issues like asthma, for example. Over a million kids have asthma in the UK, and Asthma.Org.UK say "two-thirds of deaths from asthma attacks could have been prevented with basic care, yet we are still seeing tragic cases of lives being cut short."

Over a million kids with a genuine health issue, Asthma - yet the gender crits are much more interested in 161 kids on puberty blockers on the basis that they are "protecting kids."

And every year we are looking at about 90 kids starting puberty blockers but more on that later. 

So let's look at other kids health and safety issues. Newborn babies, for instance, for the fact, is that about three thousand five hundred babies every year dont make their first birthday, my first grandson being one on them. Passing away because the hospital either never had (or failed to use) a simple oximeter costing about three hundred pounds. The last time I checked one baby in every one hundred and forty or so are born with a heart condition. If the gender crits care about kids, why are they not shouting about this?

And how about SID's (formerly known as cot death), thanks to Professor, Peter Fleming, SID's has fallen dramatically. Accredited in saving over 100,000 lives worldwide and nicknamed by his team (behind his back) at Bristol University "God" Peter Fleming reduced SID's stats by about 80% - but parents still loose kids often because of co-sleeping on sofa's for example which increase the chances of SID's by fifty times. Around 230 newborns pass away because of SID's every year in the UK and according to the Lullaby Trust - 76 newborns per year could be saved if parents stopped smoking. Many parents of course are just not aware. Are the gender crits interested in putting any effort into making new parents more aware of the dangers of co-sleeping or smoking? Nope- of course not - puberty blockers for breakfast, dinner and tea.

So I make no apology for the next word aimed at gender-crits everywhere who are solely on a mission about puberty blockers.


You dont care about kids - you care about one-upmanship - getting "one over" a vulnerable group of people - trans people.

There are just short of twelve million kids in the UK under sixteen and just ninety that may be "trans enough" to merit being put on puberty blockers. That's less than (yes, you read this right) - 0.0008% per year. 

So to my final words to those you make a storm about puberty blockers - look into the mirror and see if you can honestly say I want to protect ALL kids - and then I will be at your side.

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