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EHRC Exposed - Index

This index page  replaced our usual front page during Feb & March 2022. We have moved it to our dedicated section on this issue so that so that the information in relation to activities within the EHRC remains easily accessible to everyone. 


The EHRC's reassessment by GANHRI

by Steph's Place



Following a recent series of articles by Vice World News and ourselves exposing the trans hostile activities of the EHRC, a coalition of almost every prominent LGBTQ+ organisations in the UK, (headed by Stonewall), called on the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) to conduct a special review the EHRC’s ‘A’ status as an internationally recognised human rights body.


Scottish Human Rights Commission tells EHRC where to go

28th February 2022


The news cycle is absolutely frantic at the moment, with the situation over the Russian invasion of the Ukraine dominating coverage.

So don't be surprised if you missed the important announcement that popped out from the Scottish Human Rights Commission on Thursday 24th Feb in between that and Fair Play For Women being refused a legal appeal for their bigoted attempt to get trans people to misgender ourselves on the Scottish Census.


UK Government tries to smear Vice News in Parliament

23rd Feb 2022


In a move that probably noone actually saw coming, but nonetheless was completely unsurprising, the UK Government today desperately attempted to downplay the EHRC scandal.


Falkner finally speaks, and it's as bad you expect

Opinion By Claire

21st Fenruary 2022


So, 18 days after Vice News broke the first story about what appears to be blatant conflict of interest and collusion at the UK’s now rather ironically named Equality and Human Rights Commission, EHRC Chair Baroness Kishwer Falkner has finally responded and made a public statement on Sunday (20/2/22) in the Guardian / Observer.

This comes after a series of contentious ‘statements’ from the EHRC on Twitter and their website trying to downplay, minimise and deny the recent revelations - revelations which are still coming.


EHRC - Collusion with trans hostile lobby groups?


17th February 2022


We were saving this article to release over the weekend, but as the cat is now out of the bag thanks to several intrepid trans Twitter users and the fantastic Trans Safety Network, let's take a deeper look at some of the evidence of the EHRC’s apparent collusion and conflict of interest with trans hostile lobby groups that we have uncovered.


EHRC Scandal - Former Legal Directors Speak Out

EHRC Exposed

11th February 2022



Events around the EHRC scandal continue to move at an incredibly fast pace.


Over the last couple of days, since Ben Hunte at Vice News broke the story about the Equality and Human Rights Commission and their attempt to throw the Equality Act out of the window.....


The EHRC’s Misleading Response to the Vice News Expose on ‘Single Sex Spaces’ Guidance


12th Feb 2022


Following the expose by Ben Hunte at Vice News on how the Equality and Human Rights Commission were trying to remove the rights of trans people to access gender appropriate spaces, the EHRC published a statement and response thread on Twitter.

The response could be charitably described as a complete mess. More accurately it could be described as a desperate attempt at damage limitation to try and salvage a shred of credibility from their now tattered reputation.


Did it work?


Is the EHRC colluding with trans hostile lobby groups? LGB Alliance's Submission to EHRC Board Briefing

Splitting the T from the LGBT

7th Feb 2022

In early 2021, the EHRC asked 'Stakeholders' to provide video submissions for a Board Briefing on 'Transgender Issues' which was to be held on 9th Feb 2021.


Transcript of LGB Alliance's Video Submission to EHRC Board Briefing

8th February 2021

This article includea a full transcript of LGB Alliance's video submission to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Board Briefing in February 2021.


This was compiled using several different software packages for comparison, and manually verified as to accuracy.


Content Warning : A copy of the video can be found here, but viewer discretion is advised due to trans hostile prejudice and discrimination.


EHRC Board Members Reindorf and Goodhart

Opinion By Steph

3rd February 2022

'Stacking the odds' is to create, contribute to, or manipulate a situation in a way that results in an unfair advantage over someone or something else.

A classic example would be how Donald Trump packed the US Supreme Court with right-wingers, which has resulted in Roe v Wade, the legal case setting the federal right to abortion some 49 years ago now being under considerable threat. Put simply, Joe Bidden now finds himself in a very difficult situation unable to surpass the top court in the US on defending women's right to choose. 




Love and let live