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By Steph 25/1/22

Transgender People in Single-Sex Wards

In December of 2021, I made ten Freedom of Information Requests to NHS Hospital Trusts spread across England. There was just one question:

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could you supply the following information relevant to the period 1st April 2020 to the 31st March 2021:

(1) How many natal female inpatients complained that a trans woman inpatient was being cared for in the same ward?

By Steph 15/7/21

 Karen White was not transgender

It is funny how we all remember some conversations - "Oh, he was terrible", said a very high profile, gender-critical person to me once. She was referring to Stephen Wood, also known as David Thompson and more infamously as one Karen White. Karen White is one of the centre stones of 'terf ideology' - using an example of an individual case to smear the British transgender community.

By Steph 12/6/21

 Fair Play for Women Transgender and Crime

I was eighteen, and my dad burst into the kitchen screaming I had used his spanner and not put it back. But I had not touched his spanner, and a massive argument broke out - none of us like being accused of something we did not do. 

by Claire 15/6/21

Transing the Gay Away Part 1

Erasing Lesbians, Transing the Gay Away. These are yet more in a seemingly endless supply of claims made by trans hostile activists in their quest to dehumanise, demean and marginalise transgender people.

by Claire 19/6/21

Transing the Gay Away Part 2

Erasing Lesbians, Transing the Gay Away. In Part 1 we looked at demographic data to address whether LGB people really were ‘being erased’ - and the answer was a resounding ‘NO’ given the increases year on year among the LGB population of the UK.

by Claire 20/6/21

Transing the Gay Away Part 3

Erasing Lesbians, Transing the Gay Away.  In parts 1 and 2 we looked at demographic and hate crime data to debunk the idea that LGB people were being erased or transitioning to avoid homophobia.

by Claire 15/6/21

The Cass Review Part 1

This will be an “Ongoing” article, looking at the review as it progresses, analysing the activities and reporting observations. As such it is very likely some things may change, and issues and questions may be resolved or clarified.

by Claire 14/10/21

The Cass Review Part 2

Dealing with the team at the Cass Review is proving to be difficult at best, an experience that others have noted as well.  While they state they are ‘transparent, it is clear from responses that they do not appreciate being asked questions, and really do not like being asked difficult questions or being challenged on what they have done. 

By Steph 4/8/21

Splitting the T from the LGB

So regularly tweets Michael Cashman CBE, one of the co-founders of Stonewall UK, who were formed back in May 1989. Even as a 69-year-old, I only remember seeing "LGBT" - or in the last decade or so, as we have welcomed other identities, our 'plus sign' kinfolk making LGBT+

By Claire 16/8/21

NHS England doesn't bother to monitor GIC's

You know that moment when you make a mistake, then realise it’s had an unexpected outcome that’s almost as good as the one you were expecting? That happened to me on Friday. I’ve been firing off Freedom of Information requests (FOIs)

Are the Care Quality Commission putting transgender patients at risk?

By Claire 20/10/21

Are the Care Quality Commission putting transgender patients at risk?

This all started with a chance conversation with Julie, a fellow editor here at Steph’s Place. We were talking about the state of the UKs Gender Identity Clinics (a topic of much discussion in the trans community), Julie mentioned CQC inspections and I got..curious.



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