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23rd September. Inspired

That warm feeling.

Every now and again, something happens to make all our efforts worthwhile. We go to work, perhaps even have an overall decent day, but if something unpleasant had occurred - that can often be carried into the evening or even into the next day. Only rarely do we go home with a massive smile on our faces.

As a Trans Rights Activist, I expect to get kicked in the teeth by the gender crits - indeed, if I weren't, I would be pretty shit at my job!

But we get nice things happen, too - and in today's mini blog, I want to share something with you.

Steph's Place consists of five co-editors and several supporting writers to whom we are very grateful. We are not funded; we pay all the running costs and, of course, give our time for free. 

We are starting to build up some resources, stationery for example and recently I made an order to a supplier in the name of "Stephs Place UK". I then had second thoughts that I had not ordered enough so emailed the supplier asking how many more they had in stock.  Clearly, the supplier had been looking at our website - everything written below is exactly as he wrote it, other than his name.


Hi Steph,

Thanks for letting me know.

At the moment we only have 15 in stock however we can get more and will probably reorder soon.

On a separate note, I’ve always felt that every new parent should challenge themselves about the phobias that are in society. When we had our first daughter, I asked myself, ‘could I disown you or be disappointed because you were gay / went out with someone of a different race’. Obviously, for me that answer was no as I wasn’t homophobic or racist, but did I find it made me much more sympathetic to issues that some people will face in their lifetime.

Our youngest daughter did tell us over dinner once that she fancied Carol; my wife and I were supportive and appreciated that she felt she could tell us. My daughter looked somewhat confused by our response……. it turned out she was talking about Andy Carroll (the footballer)!

Keep on inspiring people!


Kind Regards,



Thanks, Dean - if you ever get to read this, your email really made everyone involved in this website very proud. 


Authored by Steph @PlaceSteph






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