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31st March. International Transgender Day of Visibility.

My video and Anne's Quiz

Heck - it is International Transgender Day of Visibility (#TDOV21) - it is 04:36 in the morning, and I am blogging.

I decided I had to do something a bit special for today, but time is always tight, and in just two days, my most extensive article ever gets published. It involves the thorny subject of Trans people and crime, and it has been changed dozens of times to "work" with my auditor's opinions.

The whole point of the piece is to smash the perception that the gender-crits give out that trans people are predators and abusers and in this regard, the article smashes that perception!

The article gets published on Friday at 09:30 so time is getting short now. Even today, I have a couple of more changes to do before I start my "day job."

Now you know why I have started so early today!

For #TDOV21, I made a video yesterday; I have put it on YouTube and you can see it by clicking HERE.

But, I have to say I found it very hard to do!

I am a writer and not great at public speaking at all. I had just one hour to do the video yesterday - it was just the second I have ever done, so not exactly "water of a ducks back" either.

Looking back at it the video now, The message is okay, but I don't talk to the camera, the delivery is too slow, and I don't smile enough. And worst still is I don't record that well either!

Anyway, it is done, and lessons learnt for next time!

One other mention for today's rather very messy blog - Anne, one of my Twitter followers, has made a #TDOV21 quiz bless her. You can find it by clicking HERE.

Have a great day and stay safe!

And for those who would prefer to know what I said on my video rather than watch it (I do not blame you at all!) -  here is the message:


Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Visibility is key to our acceptance - but many of us often hide - afraid of the reaction from family, friends, neighbours….and if we can gain employment, or if are lucky enough to be employed – at work.

And for sure many have very valid reasons for not coming out or living in stealth.

Even coming to terms with ourselves can be a struggle – but in reality, no one should be afraid to say, I am trans - because every person on this earth is different.

For sure, in the UK, trans folk face discrimination…. but we can draw strength that our LGB brothers and sisters, have largely gained acceptance and ….in time - we will do the same.

Those of us who can – must always call out the injustices within society, but equally –
we must make it plain, we just seek peace and happiness.

We all valid – we all contribute to a diverse society. We should all be - proud to be trans.

Have a great trans day …of visibility and take care.

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