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29th April. It Was All About A Teabag

Why I was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours.

Yep - it is true; I was suspended for twelve hours from Twitter because of a teabag.

Oh, so innocent, but it shows we should think three times before we tweet.

What happened was....

I saw a tweet saying a partner was making a cup of tea but always putting cold milk in the cup first, then a tea bag and finally boiling water. In frustration, the tweet went out roughly, saying (all in jest, of course) that she/he/they did not know whether to report the partner to the tea police for trial or kill him. I replied, "that is shocking; I would kill him".

Just plain British humour; how many times do we say "I could have killed him" because of a partner, family member, or friend messed up?"

We ALL know (surely?) - that you put the teabag in first, then boiling water, and once brewed, pour the milk on?

Anyway, my tweet was taken out of context by the Twitter police.

Was it an algorithm, or did I get reported by someone who dont like a trans rights blogger and investigative writer?

I am told by a GC insider I was reported!!!

Tomorrow I will be publishing possibly the most concerning article I have ever written - it is about foreign interference and trans folks rights in the UK.

But we must keep this website and a Twitter presence going, so just in case I get thrown off Twitter, please follow @PaulLevene, who is also going to be (hopefully with others) a co-writer & editor of this website.

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