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“I’ve been cancelled!” Screams Kathleen Stock – who then admits she’s transphobic & ‘Cancels’ herself! – You couldn’t write it!

by Co-Editor Paul


‘I’ve been cancelled!’ is the all too familiar cry we hear today from a prominent  academic or celebrity that has received a backlash following their publicly expressing their ‘Gender Critical’ beliefs  – but let’s not dwell too long on the total irony that this cry is being broadcast on every media outlet – some cancelling!

Sound familiar? Well that was the opening paragraph taken from my previous article the inflicting of ‘Cancel Culture’ that was published on Monday. And here we are just three days later with a self-claimed ‘victim’ using their privileged platform to tell the world that a statement made by the University of Sussex UCU (University and College Union) had ‘effectively ended (her) career’

So what exactly did the Sussex UCU say within their statement?

Without making specific reference to Kathleen Stock, it said that ‘in light of recent events’, the University Union unequivocally stated support and solidarity with all those Trans and non-binary within the University and they strongly condemned all forms of transphobia – they made it very clear that there was no place whatsoever for any form of transphobia within the University.

The Statement did then go on to state that they would not be endorsing any calls for any worker to be sacked and also that they totally oppose all forms of bullying.

The response from Kathleen Stock, as per the image above, was to issue a claim on Twitter that this Statement had ‘effectively ended (her) career at Sussex University’. She truly has been the victim of ‘Cancel Culture’…….. but has she?

When you consider exactly what the Union states, they did NOT call for her removal – far from it, they clearly stated they would not endorse such action, and they also roundly condemned any form of bullying or harassment that she may have been subjected to.

Personally, I believe that if anyone is prepared to openly spread transphobic views and this resulted in their employment position being untenable, then they only have themselves to blame. As previously stated, the appeal ruling in the Maya Forstater case made it perfectly clear that there was a freedom and right to hold personal beliefs BUT NOT to spread hate – the law does not give freedom to spread views that are highly discriminatory or harmful, and if you do you only have yourself to blame for the consequences of failing to keep those views to yourself.

I do however totally agree that no one should be subjected to online harassment or bullying. We ALL have a right to freedom of speech, but that freedom does not extend to harassment or bullying. However the hypocrisy here is that we have someone holding Gender Critical beliefs complaining of bullying due to those expressing their views online, whilst they see no issue in attacking anyone Trans online with the very tactics they are complaining of.

So the Union has not called for her removal, it simply and clearly states that there is no place or acceptance at the University of Sussex for any transphobia, and on that basis, Stock announces that this position (of not allowing transphobia) has ended her career at the University.


This statement has unequivocally admitted to the world that she is transphobic –

she has clearly admitted that she has no place at the University because her views and beliefs could not deemed acceptable at the University – so she knows her views can only be transphobic for her to state she be would not be accepted.


And today she has reaffirmed this position by announcing her immediate withdrawal from teaching by placing herself ‘on leave’ until the end of the term.

So before we hear her pitiful cries that ‘I’ve been cancelled!’ let’s make sure this is fully understood:  

The University of Sussex fully supported her - so they didn’t ‘Cancel’ her.

The University Union refused to call for her removal - so they didn’t ‘Cancel’ her.

The students that issued the original complaint have no powers of employment -so no, they didn’t ‘Cancel’ her.

The simple fact is – SHE CANCELLED HERSELF. She deactivated her own Twitter Account and placed herself on leave.

There is no doubt in my mind she is displaying classic DARVO tactics – this refers to ‘Deny, Attack and Reverse Victim and Offender’ – the perpetrator or offender will Deny their behaviour, Attack those confronting them, and Reverse the roles of the Victim and Offender to ensure that they are seen as the victim whilst the true victim is now seen as the offender. Is that truly a defendable or excusable position to make a victim out to be an offender?

This is classic blame reversal – she openly expresses and spreads her Gender Critical beliefs that are truly harmful to Trans people yet she is the one looking for sympathy and playing the ‘hard-done-by’ victim – classic DARVO.

But she’s forgetting one thing - having openly admitted your beliefs are transphobic is hardly the position of an actual victim!

I must end this with something that you may not know about me - I do sometimes have an unerring ability to see the future and right now I have such a clear vision of a news flash ringing in my head - "Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Appearing on Prime Time TV, Radio and any other widely accessible media outlet or as a guest speaker at any 'Gender Critical' Conference, will be Kathleen Stock explaining to the world exactly how she's been 'victimised'. Hear how she's been completely 'silenced' to the extent that her career has been 'ended' and that she'll maybe have no option but to use all this publicity from others 'cancelling' her to sell her story and may even write another book"

But this is my just my vision of her being Completely Silenced. My visions don't always come true and it is only a vision - but any thoughts on this one?? Let's just wait and see.

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