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Supported by L'Oreal, Jecca Blac Make-up Goes From Strength to Strengh

I first meet Jessica many years ago when she was just starting her business.

I guess she must have been about twenty at the time and it was self-evident from our first meeting that she was a lovely human being and dedicated to the trans community cause. 

After training at a top makeup school, I recall she initially worked in on TV & film sets before going home and accidentally falling into the trans scene.

And how she has grown! When I meet her, Jessica was doing make-up lessons from her parents home.

And how her business has boomed!

Today she offers not just great advice but has her own make-up brand supported by L'Oreal no less. 

In my younger days as a hairstylist, I always wanted to work with L'Oreal, but the closest I got was to compete in the L'Oreal Colour Trophy (hairdressing competition). 

If you need coverage and want unique trans makeup look no further than the Jecca Blac range. 

A link to the Jecca Blac website is here 

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