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20th February. Labour Trans Equality Zoom Meeting

The new group to combat transphobia within the Labour party


Just three weeks ago came the announcement that some trans folk within the Labour Party had formed a new group to combat transphobia within the party and drive forward the trans cause in general. Named 'Labour Trans Equality' (LTE), the sponsors - all established names within Labour politics - had concluded "enough was enough", and things needed to change. While it is not their intent to point fingers, trans issues are unique. And it is apparent even to us ordinary trans Labour members outside the power circles that other than the odd press release or tweet, trans folk are not getting supported.

Forget the numerous Rosie Duffield incidents, the formation of WPUK & LWD, both of which have Labour roots, or the fact that when we make a complaint to the party about transphobia, we never get a response.

Is that all true? Yes!

But it is history - water under the bridge - spilt milk - gone.

What was presented to trans folk as a beautiful dream by Theresa May has turned out as a nightmare under Boris "Trumpite" Johnson. The hope of Self-ID - the dream that we could openly admit to the world "we are trans, get over it" - and then go live our lives in peace.

A nightmare instigated and perpetuated by the Tories - a nightmare that the Labour "leader" - Keir Starmer moots to a TV audience "time for sensible debate" and "to stop throwing bricks at each other."

Where has he been for the last five years?

But to stop a war, there needs to be a peacemaker. Some respected individual willing to put their neck on the line and bring the sides together. And that is not happening, nor is there anyone on the horizon that is going to try.

This war, with a foundation of lies, is very real.

And we are losing - and in part that is down to the Labour Party failing not just in supporting us, but also failing to try and negotiate a peace. It is not rocket science. The gender-crits just need to be told from a reliable source that single-sex spaces are not going to disappear, that women are not going to be "erased", and that men are not suddenly going to claim to be a woman to steal a medal at some sporting event. The gender-crits also need to be told Self-ID purely changes a birth certificate - a piece of paper that many only look at a handful of times in their lifetime.

Trans folk are really not asking for much - just the fulfilment of what we were promised - to make the GRC process simpler. A political issue that, because of the failure of all political parties, has turned incredibly toxic.

But for me as an ordinary Labour Party member, there is little I can do to move other political parties other than to odd letter to government ministers - but I can undoubtedly make noise within my own party.

And so can others.

This is why LTE has been founded - to make noise - to reach out and counter the hate coming from WPUK and LWD. To finally have a collective trans voice within the Labour Party prepared to move forward with our case.

To stop the transphobia that I personally experienced within my own Constituency Labour Party meeting back in November of last year- which lead to women allies being victims of a massive pile-on of hate from WPUK and LWD members the following day.

Transphobia within the Labour Party must stop!

Yesterday, for the first time, I Zoomed with some of the LTE founders, and I was seriously impressed. They know the problems, perhaps not all the answers, but who does?  

The issue is not what the gender-critical are concerned about - the issue is how to get the message across to them that this is a war without foundation.

The issue is getting the Labour leadership off their fence and do what they are paid to do - LEAD!

And at last, in LTE, we have people - TRANS PEOPLE - willing to fight the transphobia that has built up in the Labour Party. Willing to remind the party leaders that Self-ID is Labour Party policy. Willing to fight for ALL trans people irrespective of political persuasion. 

LTE may well only be just launching, but from acorns -  oak tree's grow.  

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