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22nd July. Liz Truss Updates The House of Commons in regard to the revised Gender Recognition Act

Liz Truss reponds to Marsha de Cordoba and Nadia Whittome

News from the House of Commons this afternoon. Liz Truss answering a question from Labours Nadia Whittome about the continual delay in regards to the reformed Gender Recognition Act said this:

"Mr Speaker, as the Prime Minister said we will be responding to the consultation over the summer. And let me be absolutely clear, we will not be rolling back the rights of transgender people. It is important transgender people are able to live their lives as they wish, without fear and we will be making sure that is the case". 

This statement implies that at least the bathroom and changing rooms debate is not going any further, but I suspect the government will still have a trick up their sleeves to please the gender-critical.  

I can only guess what that maybe, but I suspect there will be new conditions or recommendations regarding prisons and women's refuges. I also expect new rules regarding schools etc. 

With self-id looking some way off, I suspect the revised Gender Recognition Act will reduce the amount of evidence required and hopefully get rid of the Gender Recognition Panel. I expect too that the cost of applications will go down to about £70 or so. 

Marsha de Cordoba, the shadow minister for women and equalities, also asked a question saying " “Today the House will rise, and previously the minister has stated that they would be publishing their response. So, can I ask the minister today, when will she finally publish the government’s response and the government’s plans for reform?”

"Nearly two years later, the government has still not published its response. Trans rights are human rights, and updating the GRA will help improve the lives of trans people".

Liz Truss replied, “That’s been committed by the prime minister earlier this week, and I can assure her that I’m very keen to get on with that response".

Insiders say that Labour has formed a battle group of MP's ready to oppose any anti-trans proposals from the Tory government.   

The trans community can barely wait to get on with the debates that are sure to follow. 

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