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Louise Milner-Smith Online Voice Coaching

With an international client base, specialising in trans voice coaching, singers, actors etc.

Louise is one of the top voice coaches in the UK (if not the world) and because of covid started online voice sessions resulting in clients from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Canada and the USA, as well as those of us in the UK, of course. Her website reads:-

With over 15 years experience working with the voice in the NHS, I now work privately as a voice coach, as well as offering counselling as and further support, as voice and emotions are intrinsically linked.

I’m passionate about working with all my clients, helping them to achieve their optimum vocal results. My approach is holistic and includes specialist vocal guidance and vocal exercises, all of which are evidence-based.

Each person is treated in a particular style, with a programme tailored appropriately to their individual needs.

My work focuses on the trans community and with other professional “voice users”: singers, actors, teachers, public speakers, etc


A link to her website is HERE

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