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21st December. Margaret the Terf

Twitter and the war.

This blog has changed significantly from what I originally posted.

The original blog concerned two GC people that I named for anonymity reasons Laura and Margaret - Margaret being the central character of the post. The story reflected on a "battle" I had with Margaret on Twitter over a very long period. It was always polite, but Margaret was like a dog with a bone and much of what I said went completely over her head. I grant her she was technically correct on one point I was arguing, but the fact remains that she had a just one line which was anything I said was not valid.

Like most human beings, I take issue being told I am near stupid. Margaret repeatedly told me I "did not understand" - but to have a debate surely means to try to understand the other persons view without conceding our principles and I did understand what she was trying to say. Still, sadly Margaret was not listening to me. 

I openly admit Margaret annoyed me intensely - so much so that after day two (or was it day three?) of our battle, I broke my personal best on my exercise bike!

Yes, Margaret drove me to that too!

The battle almost ended when I told Margaret that we would have to agree to disagree, but she responded with yet another tweet which I ignored and walked away.

Margaret, however, intrigued me - why was she so persistent?  So later that day, I started to go through her Twitter timeline. I like to do that sometimes because it reveals so much about people, what they dislike and what they love is interesting to anyone trying to understand other peoples opinions and views.

Margaret worried me, though. For her timeline revealed here was a lady who only had one issue on her mind - trans people. When going through female GC timelines, it is not unusual to come across the projection of trans crime. Karen White and Yanev are two characters that are often thrown in our faces with no reference to the fact that the White case was due to the UK Ministry of Justice messing up and that Yanev is Canadian and hardly likely to ever get to the UK.

Margaret, however, was so obsessed about trans folk she tweeted about us on average well over one hundred times a day and everything was very negative about us. She was, in my opinion, paranoid. There was just one chunk of light in her very long timeline in that she recorded Beethovens birthday. On that basis of also being a music lover, I tweeted her asking her if she liked his 3rd Symphony which so happens to be the piece that got me hooked into classical music back when I was a kid.  

Margaret was startled that I had gone through her timeline and responded negatively making it clear she did not want to discuss music as her focus was on "Women, children and safeguarding." So we have something in common I responded that is what I want to focus on too. I invited her to zoom with me (together with a friend of hers) to try and find common ground, I really just wanted to prove to her I was a human being - but was met with a point-blank refusal. I then pointed out to her that I had written an article safeguarding kids too, which feel on deaf ears. Margaret never replied.

Now I fully understand Margaret's idea of safeguarding and mine are very different. However, the article I wrote (concerning fire retardants and the dangers to kids) was unique. For I believe I can reasonably claim that I am the only person in the world that could write that story - such is the expertise I gained over thirty-five years doing what Margaret wanted to do - safeguard kids.  You can draw your own conclusions on this by reading the story by clicking HERE. 

The simple fact is Margaret is obsessed with trans people ignoring the fact that cis people by percentage commit far more crime and are victims of crime much less than trans folk. 

So my blog got posted to reflect these facts, but then all hell broke loose.

I had never even tweeted about my blog before I received a message from a GC follower that my blog was a personal attack on an individual - and I remind you of the fact that I had changed Margaret's Twitter identity!  

One high profile GC person did a long thread on Twitter, suggesting that when all the trans arguments are lost, I had reverted to personal attack. Hardly fair because I certainly have not lost any argument and after all, Twitter is a public forum that is open to observation, approval and criticism.

Moreover, this person is a champion of free speech, making a huge noise on Twitter and even promoting "yes to hate" to prove a legal point. And yet I was being 'hung out to dry' by her for blogging about how one person - "Margaret" had a paranoia in regards to trans folk!

And to be honest, I am deeply hurt. I get stones thrown at me from the trans side for talking to GC - and here was the GC throwing house bricks at me because I dare to point out that not everyone on the GC side is remotely reasonable.

And I am empty - I am giving up talking to terfs & GC for the foreseeable future. Why should I bother to try and find a route to peace when I get unfairly crucified by all and sundry?

Sometimes it is just better to give up and walk away.

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