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16th November - Misogyny

By Steph


In recent weeks some people have alleged that trans people and trans women, in particular, are misogynists.

The hating of women is something I find repulsive. Of course, I (and other trans women) want to join the "women's club" and often put our bodies on the line to do so. We dont hate women at all - indeed, the exact opposite we love women.

Perhaps we are not so partial to transphobic ones but in general, love is not too strong a word. 

We work hard to join the women's club - waiting years to be seen at a Gender Identity Clinic, years of hormone therapy, painful electrolysis, often brutal surgery. We do so also knowing that quite possibly, our lives will be shorter, in part because of the medical interventions we undertake with a Dutch study saying:

"Specifically, transgender women died at 1.8-fold higher than expected compared with cisgender men (standardized mortality ratio 1.8, 95% CI 1.6-2.0). Even more pronounced, transgender women died at 2.8-fold higher of a rate than expected compared with cisgender women in the general population. 

It is scary to know that our lives may be shortened for being a trans woman, primarily because the statistics were gathered over 46 years, so it can't be classed as a quick snapshot of trans women's health.

In the gender war, insults are commonplace from both sides, with many trans people adopting the slur of "nazi" towards gender critical people of late, in part fueled by Judith Butler and her "cancelled" or at least heavily edited piece in the Guardian UK. Noticeable that the Guardian US made sure the allegation got published in full a few weeks later. Another war - this time between two sets of editors.

The truth is many gender critical people often can't understand or accept gender but can understand sex. "Sex not gender" is a well-known strapline.

They can invariably accept sexuality, though - a bit strange that, because neither sexuality nor gender identity are physical attributes.

Spiked magazine itself, a heavily far right-leaning rag, hit back to the nazi jibe with the slur to the trans camp with the allegation of "misogyny" concerning the protest at Portsmouth in October, clearly demonstrating their utter ignorance regarding what the protests were actually about.

Skip forward around ten days, though, and sadly, evidence of misogyny and indeed transmisogyny manifests itself at a protest in London. Two unknown individuals from the trans camp hurl disgusting abuse and threats principally at women attendees but also then bullied trans women, telling one "to take her clothes off." Deeply shaken, the trans woman walked away, swearing never to go to a protest again.

More recently, more threats - this time to a supplier of a guy who owns a small business - he aligns himself as an ally to bona fide trans people but actively calls out gender theorists. The supplier has obviously been intimidated and in consequence, a man has lost his principal supply line which has had significant consequences. At this point, his business is in the balance. 

Shameful - people should never be targeted. 

And just why did our right-wing government not make misogyny a crime?

Do they hate women?

Misogyny should be a crime! 

There is no doubt both sides of the gender war have some pretty horrible "allies."

The ADF is silently working away in academia and government with some Tory MP's as supporters.

Bruce, Doyle-Price, Badenoch, Truss?

The fact is we don't know.

Then on the trans side, people from the shadows who hate women and anyone who gets in their way. People who, because of their actions, give Trans Rights Activists a lousy name.

Do I call them out - absolutely 100%

In short, they should f*** off.

But let's not forget that desperate people do and say desperate things - those amazing suffragettes for example who heckled politicians, tried to storm parliament, chained themselves to railings, smashed windows and carried out a nationwide bombing and arson campaign!


Anyone for tennis? 



Authored by Steph.

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