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Ode to trans - By one trans person, for all trans people

Author - Juliette



I’m not the colour of my skin,

I’m not the body I live in, 

I’m not the colour of my hair,

I’m not the clothes I choose to wear. 


I have feelings just like you, 

I laugh, I cry, other emotions too.

I want to be valued in society,

I’m Transgender, non-binary. 


I’m not a thing, an "it" or freak,

I hide myself from view all week.

I hide behind closed curtains, doors,

My heels clip clopping on my floors. 


I want to walk the streets, be free,

To shop for clothes and bling you see.

Yet I don’t even, have a right to pee. 


You think scandal is “Watergate”

The biggest one is that of hate,

It’s a crime, plain yet true, 

I’ve been beaten, raped – that too.


I live in fear of “coming out”, 

The barrage of abuse from the local lout,

I’d like to go to work as me, 

Not that simple – no policy. 


A policy will not help to protect me,

You as a person can you see, 

Support each other, together we can,

Get past this thing of Woman/Man. 


The thought I would lose my kids, my wife,

I even thought to end my life, 

I’ve hid and lied, I don’t exist, 

It’s easier for you, being cis. 


Transgender is not a disease,

it’s true I cannot pass it on to you, 

Don’t be afraid to sit next to me,

To chat or make an enquiry. 


My name is Juliette, 

my pronouns are her and she, 

proud to be Transgender, 


I am me

Edited by Julie Miller, friend of Juliette

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Love and let live