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9th August - Open Letter to Sharron Davies, Mara Yamauchi, Emily Hilton and Jon Pike.

By Steph


Dear Sharron, Mara, Emily and Jon

So, they think it's all over - well, it is now the Commonwealth Games have finished, and I guess you (and others like you) are proud because you helped #SaveWomensSport.

People from over seventy nations ran, jumped, threw, swam, punched, flicked, bowled, dived, cycled, fought, kicked, hurdled, batted, and pole vaulted to gold, silver, and bronze medals in some 280 events.

And for sure, some are on the way home happy, hurt, or sad.

But one person who isn't going home sad is Emily Bridges - because you (and others like you) campaign to #SaveWomensSport - and, let's face it, the movement that you allies to, wanted Emily kicked out.

And in regard to the Commonwealth Games, your campaign succeeded not in saving women's sport (it has never been under threat) but in keeping Emily from competing because - heaven help us, Emily is trans.

Emily was sad weeks ago and is still very sad today.

She never even got to the starting line, did she? 

Emily's mum, Sandy (yes, Emily has a mum - Emily is a human being), tells me there were 5054 athletes at the games. Had Emily competed, she would have represented just 0.019% of the total number of competitors.

And the fact is, she worked very hard to ensure she stayed within the rules to the point of giving blood and muscle samples. 

She lowered her T and was totally transparent, but the rules suddenly changed.

And we know why dont we? 

But hey jog on #SaveWomensSport eh.

I love the Commonwealth Games, don't you?

There are people of various colours, sexuality and even disabilities. Blind people, people with one arm or one leg, are all included in what society calls "the friendly games".

But not so friendly as to include just one trans woman - perish the thought!

Did you ever watch the TV programme Roots? It was about slavery and showed some pretty brutal beatings. I recall one guy being hung from his legs from a tree and being whipped. The white guys (the slave owners) thought it would teach the black guy (the slave) a lesson - but in reality, it actually created hate in the black community. 

They saw the whipping as being unfair, which of course, it was - so I repeat that word. 


And for sure, just now, you have the politicians, media and even the public 'on your side'.

But the #SaveWomensSports campaign is also creating hate in a tiny community.

My community.

There were no trans athletes at Birmingham 22 - no, NOT ONE! 

So the bottom line is I am asking you to find ways to include ALL people in sport, not everyone except trans people, because frankly, that's not fair. 

And we all want fairness, don't we? 



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Love and let live