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Patrington Glass Fusion - unique, top quality jewellery, memorial glass & gifts.


I found Patrington Glass Fusion via a friend and was amazed at the quality and love in each piece. My wife and I now wear Patrington jewellery pretty much all of the time because every article is unique to us.

Lovingly crafted by Lynn Massey-Davis in her home in East Yorkshire, Lynn says this:

" I have been interested in sparkly glass since forever - but probably because I have always loved stained glass and rainbows. I started off by making small items of fused glass jewellery, and then in 2018, I bought a decent secondhand kiln and invested in my training. I now have four kilns (serious addiction!) and a properly equipped studio where I make a much more comprehensive range of art objects and homewares for sale.

Along the way, I managed to acquire some basic silversmith skills and do mad things with spoons and also design bespoke pieces which incorporate my glasswork.

Prices are incredibly reasonable, the quality 'out of this world and every single piece is lovingly made and truly unique.

This link (click HERE) takes you to the Jewellery page, but explore the website to find everything Lynn offers. Please email Lynn for prices, but 'ballparks' are £19.95 for necklaces, £45.99 for earrings and £99 for cake stands. 

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