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3rd October. Petra De Sutter, Trans Woman, Deputy Prime Minister in Belgium.

Meanwhile in the UK people discuss where I can pee.

Oddly, I find myself doing two blogs in one day, but I can not hide my excitement in seeing that Belgium's new Deputy Prime Minister is a trans woman. 

Petra De Sutter, I salute you - you are one heck of a woman! 

Whilst in the UK the TERF's are attacking trans peoples right to exist - in Belgium, there is no headline that Petra is trans. 

She is accepted. 

This is probably going to be the shortest blog I will ever do because I can ask no more than acceptance.

Except of course in the UK because while Petra becomes Deputy Prime Minister of a sovereign state, a minority of the UK public, (okay - TERF's) are discussing very loudly in which toilet I should pee.

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