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Timeline of the UK Government & Public Body Anti-LGBT & Anti-Trans activities

by Co-Editor Claire

(11/6/21) Ongoing

The following document is a timeline of Anti-LGBT & Anti-Trans events and activities by the UK Government / Government backed public bodies currently under Boris Johnson as PM and Liz Truss as Equalities Minister.


The myth of trans and gender ideology

Why the gender critical have invented the slur trans and gender ideology

Trans ideology often also called gender ideology is a slur against transgender people and our allies. Invented by the gender-critical and often lead by extreme right-wing academics and media.......


A Trans woman's reply to Caroline ffisk & The Conservative Woman

Beautifully written but what about the self harm & suicides our kids suffer Caroline?

Today I picked up on an article in The Conservative Woman written by Caroline ffrisk.

To its credit, the story is very well written and to the uninitiated, makes a somewhat convincing case against Stonewall activities, a charity that I, of course, support.


The Daily Mail – The worst kind of tabloid.

The news group who appear to hate trans folk.

The Daily Mail – “The worst kind of tabloid”. 

Not my words but the words of George Clooney no less - and of course, he is not the only person to have a gripe with the newspaper that also appears to love hating trans folk.


Opinion: The Daily Mail Discriminates Against Trans Women

There have been lots of 'bad press' against trans women prisoners in the UK in recent months.

The Daily Mail has been at the forefront of this issue hipping up; dare I say it? ...transphobia.

It started with Rory Stewart, once a Tory minister but who was subsequently expelled from the Conservative party, saying that trans woman prisoners had attacked prison officers. Here is the story of how the facts got twisted. 


Discussion with Kathryn Bristow Co-Chair Green Party Women

When Labour met Green

It is always constructive to meet with members of other political parties. Sadly, some see it as courting with the enemy - forgetting that most of us, yes, even the odd Tory, are members of their party to improve the lives of ourselves .....


Trans Politicians - Being Transgender is Just A Small Part of Me

There are currently no trans MP's in the UK - but it is different elsewhere.

You can be forgiven if you have not heard of Petra De Sutter. People rarely know the name of any Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, so to know that she is Deputy PM in Belgium is a big ask.


18th June 2020: Stephen Morgan The MP For Portsmouth South Supports Trans Rights

As quick as a flash Stephen Morgan writes to Liz Truss

Yet another MP, Stephen Morgan, who represents Portsmouth South, has written to Liz Truss concerning the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

Picked by the Speaker to ask a question in the house today sadly, he was unable to get his question answered within the time limits allowed.


10th June 2020 Zarah Sultana; MP For Coventry South And Her Perfect Letter.

If I had sat up all night I could not have written a better letter

Many MP's in the UK parliament, from all sides of the political parties, have expressed their concern to Liz Truss in regards to her statement on the 22nd of April. But I am reasonably sure no MP has done it better than Zarah Sultana the Labour MP who represents Coventry South.


24th May 2020. Opinion: Boris, Don't Cis and Trans Women Deserve Better Than This?

Is three job Liz Truss really able to handle all of her workload?

Being an MP is without question a very stressful job!

On average an MP looks after the interest of around 72,200 people in England, slightly less in the remaining three countries of the union. 




Love and let live