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11th March, Proud to be Counted

Sharing my email from LGBT Labour


A quick blog today. I just want to share an email from LGBT Labour that I received. 


Hi Steph,

The England and Wales Census 2021, taking place on 21st March 2021, will ask voluntary questions about sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time.

The inclusion of these questions presents a rare and valuable opportunity to ensure that LGBT+ communities are counted, which could have a significant impact on future support and recognition from Government, local authorities, public bodies and services.

This is a once in a decade opportunity that cannot be wasted and we are calling on LGBT+ people to respond to the census and be #ProudToBeCounted.

None of your personal data is shared with anyone and is kept confidential. You cannot be identified in the published statistics.

In addition, if you're not out, you can request an individual access code to provide information about your sexual orientation or gender identity without the risk of your other household members viewing this information.

To do this, follow this link and follow the instructions.

No one will know you even requested the code and anything your family wrote down about you will be overridden by what you write. 

For more on this, visit



In solidarity,

Joe Vinson, National Secretary

LGBT+ Labour


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