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Louise Milner-Smith Online Voice Coaching

With an international client base, specialising in trans voice coaching, singers, actors etc.

Louise is one of the top voice coaches in the UK (if not the world) and because of covid started online voice sessions resulting in clients from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain Italy, Canada and the USA as well as those of us in the UK, of course. Her website reads:-

With over 15 years’ experience working with the voice in the NHS, I now work privately as a voice coach, as well as offering counselling as and further support, as voice and emotions are intrinsically linked.


Bespoke Jewellery & Memorial Glass

Patrington Glass Fusion - unique, top quality jewellery, memorial glass & gifts.

I found Patrington Glass Fusion via a friend and was amazed at the quality and love in each piece. My wife and I now wear Patrington jewellery pretty much all of the time because every article is unique to us. Lovingly crafted by Lynn Massey-Davis in her home in East Yorkshire, Lynn says this:


Clothes For Less

Everything for five pounds

Everything for five pounds - yep, pretty much! My step-daughter and incredible trans ally buys loads from this company, as do Andrea, one of my trans friends. I, too, occasionally buy from them but am often too slow as they offer new items on a near-daily basis and the trick to buying the good stuff is to buy as they release.......


Cosmetics for less

Direct Cosmetics

Direct Cosmetics Ltd.  Recommended by a reader of this website and established in 1972 I am yet to buy from them but having checked their reviews they look ace!  Their website says this:....


Trans Medical Help

Trans and having issues finding medical help? Try GenderGP

I don't know where I would be today without the help and assistance of GenderGP.

Backed by Drs Helen and Mike Webberley their helpful trans services have gone global in the last couple of years and judging from their Google reviews the experience I received has been replicated over and over again. 

It's perhaps true to say GenderGP are not loved by the established gender services. I can but assume they are envious of their success. I can only say as I find, and they would always be my first port of call irrespective of age or gender direction.


Trans Support

There is strength in numbers and Stonewall are the obvious choice

All people in the LGBTQ+ community need help and support especially when times are really hard. 

Sadly there are some lesbian groups who distance themselves from trans people and this is very sad. All the folks under the LGBTQ+ community still feel discriminated against from time to time and Stonewall are our mutual rock. 

But to protect the LGBTQ+ community Stonewall need funds and though many big businesses give to Stonewall they are "squeezed".  Here is a way you can help at no cost to you!



Electrolysis: It is vitally important you choose an operator who is qualified.

The chances are every trans woman who wants to look feminine will need electrolysis and finding a qualified practitioner is vital.

Get it wrong and it's your face that will be scarred for life, not theirs so please please please go for the best, not the cheapest.

At the best of times electrolysis is uncomfortable and in certain areas incredibly painful so again there is good reason to choose the practitioner with care as the ones with the most experience will know ways how to minimise the pain to some extent. 




Everyday Make-up

The beauty Industry offers hundreds of brands. Here are my everyday favourites.

I just love make-up and am addicted to looking at all the beauty counters when I am out shopping.

We all have our favourite make-up brands though, and I am no different from any other woman in that respect. 

Make-up is an art in its own right and anyone who says different just doesn't know what they are talking about!  I am pretty much a two brand woman and in my images, I have used Bare Minerals powder foundation mixed with a Maybelline (a L'Oreal brand) cream.



Good Reading

Trying to get your head around trans issues?

I must admit not until COVID-19 hit did I ever consider picking up a book.

But now I am hooked, and the more I read, the more I want to read. Just now my only interest is trans issues, and by far the best book I have read is "Whipping Girl" by Julia Serano. 

It brought home to me what is all the trans fuss about? Trans people are just ordinary people but Julia, expertly, tears apart society about all the trans prejudices.


Laser & IPL

If you need to remove hair Laser & IPL may work for you.

Many trans and indeed cis women want to remove hair and laser, or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) often works well.

There are also many more practitioners but do ensure you go to a reputable salon and bear in mind that you will likely need several treatments in any body area to work.  Also, your skin colour and hair colour will be essential factors concerning both eligibility and success. 

Laser & IPL works best if you have dark hair and light skin colour. It often can't be done on dark skin as it can cause severe burns.



Some trans people do wear a wig...others don't. It is a matter of personal choice.

Coming from the beauty industry, even all those years ago, you would have been surprised how many people wear a wig.

However, many trans women even with little hair often refuse to wear a wig and indeed we often salute a cis woman who goes out with little or no hair when it is due to a medical condition, so the bottom line is anything goes!

Wearing a wig is no big deal these days, and there are plenty of celebrities who openly admit to wearing a wig or come out years later and admit he/she/they wore or wears a wig.


Trans Specialist Make-up

Supported by L'Oreal, Jecca Blac Make-up Goes From Strength to Strengh

I first meet Jessica many years ago when she was just starting with her business.

I guess she must have been about twenty at the time and it was self-evident from our first meeting that she was a lovely human being and dedicated to the trans community cause. 




Love and let live